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    The Best Br

    im pretty good at br i can own my Al's on hard but sad that i cant play online,since i have 1.10 and every1 else has 1.50
  2. hey dumbass samurai vs a ronin not shinja
  3. would u dare tell ur parents that u have been masterbating behind their backs?? lolol
  4. rockstar


    any1 here has the battle pack version of 1.10q i cant play online since every1's version is 1.50 if u have 1.10q plzzzzzzz comment back i would really want to have a match against u guys!
  5. thats wierd?? i always could beat the dragon clan the easiest and lotus the hardest?? my ordert easiest to hardest (Dragon,Serpernt,wolf, than lotus) i usually use the dragon clan 4 diffuclty against lotus to get myself better.
  6. sehk would be really useless bc it wont be able to shoot it would have to attack with his 2nd attack
  7. if ur trying to use the dragon spirit against them it wont work, the dragon spirit wont kill them all it would just make all the warlocks turn red i tried it b4
  8. thats because u attack the enemy base, by walking wint an army than wen he reaches red teleport back 2 ur base
  9. Dragon FTW!!! i like dragon cuz u would need more skillz 2 use them.
  10. how can u speak??? i try to learn the hotkey for typing but i dont kno??? can u help me
  11. the more pez huts u have the faster the pez reproduction wroks!
  12. ya i heard it was something like (counter-strike online) i dont kno itz the games name!
  13. hey dumbass... that game is called half-life!
  14. ok... so Fag how olng have u been having this name? lol
  15. What is a bug??? sry... im new to this
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