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  1. Oww My Nose

    Saxton Hale Vs Cave Johnson

    Maybe. I may have just found that on reddit, and didn't bother doing anything to the picture.
  2. Oww My Nose

    Sewer Parties

    Cry some more? Camping's a legitimate strategy.
  3. Oww My Nose

    Radio Enabled On All Lotus Servers

    Oh, that would be annoying, but you can set up global hotkeys in winamp, so you could do shift+whatever to do whatever you wanted
  4. Oww My Nose

    Radio Enabled On All Lotus Servers

    I've never understood why people don't have iTunes (or winamp/VLC/whatever if your computer can't handle iTunes and TF2 at the same time) running in the background.
  5. Oww My Nose

    Reskin Problem

    Weapon skins are disabled on all lotus servers.
  6. Oww My Nose

    Free Portal Game!

    Ultr@Bunny used a portal gun to make the double rainbow
  7. Oww My Nose

    Super Bowl Sunday

    What's a super bowl? Is that like a bowl that can hold an endless supply of cereal? Like Froot Loops. Fuck I love Froot Loops
  8. Oww My Nose

    Ban Request - Bluepheonix25

    That just might be the guy. I looked at his last kills, and those are some of the names of the people on the server.
  9. Oww My Nose

    Ban Request - Bluepheonix25

    Ban Request - bluepheonix25 Date, Server/Game, Time - Jan 31st, 8:45-9am CST Explanation of the incident. - Tracking people through walls, knowing exactly where people were Link to demo http://www.mediafire.com/?c9qc7i995bxuknr Their Steam Id - whoops... forgot to do that
  10. Oww My Nose

    Goldeneye Source

    O MAN CONKERS BAD FUR DAY. That shit was epic. And the matrix ending. It was pretty awesome. Actually, the whole thing was just epic. Multiplayer. Story. Potty-humor to my 12 year old self. Epic game. But back to GE:Source. Moar people need it.
  11. Oww My Nose

    Goldeneye Source

    Fuck ya Diddy Kong Racing. Everyone should have this mod though. It's free, it's awesome, and it's awesome.
  12. Oww My Nose

    The Tf2 Characters Can Sing

    Sniper singing Scout rapping
  13. Oww My Nose

    Dont You Just Hate

    http://www.tf2items.com/id/OwwMyNose 6 crates 10 paint 1 v. razorback
  14. Oww My Nose

    Why Do The Stackers Get So Mad?

    But... You called me bad! I'm not bad, see, I paid $5/$10 to be on the winning team! Therefore, I'm good! I was going to hop in the game with you to see all the lulz, then realized that you're probably not playing since you made the post D: