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  1. Maybe. I may have just found that on reddit, and didn't bother doing anything to the picture.
  2. Cry some more? Camping's a legitimate strategy.
  3. Oh, that would be annoying, but you can set up global hotkeys in winamp, so you could do shift+whatever to do whatever you wanted
  4. I've never understood why people don't have iTunes (or winamp/VLC/whatever if your computer can't handle iTunes and TF2 at the same time) running in the background.
  5. Weapon skins are disabled on all lotus servers.
  6. Ultr@Bunny used a portal gun to make the double rainbow
  7. What's a super bowl? Is that like a bowl that can hold an endless supply of cereal? Like Froot Loops. Fuck I love Froot Loops
  8. That just might be the guy. I looked at his last kills, and those are some of the names of the people on the server.
  9. Ban Request - bluepheonix25 Date, Server/Game, Time - Jan 31st, 8:45-9am CST Explanation of the incident. - Tracking people through walls, knowing exactly where people were Link to demo http://www.mediafire.com/?c9qc7i995bxuknr Their Steam Id - whoops... forgot to do that
  10. O MAN CONKERS BAD FUR DAY. That shit was epic. And the matrix ending. It was pretty awesome. Actually, the whole thing was just epic. Multiplayer. Story. Potty-humor to my 12 year old self. Epic game. But back to GE:Source. Moar people need it.
  11. Fuck ya Diddy Kong Racing. Everyone should have this mod though. It's free, it's awesome, and it's awesome.
  12. http://www.tf2items.com/id/OwwMyNose 6 crates 10 paint 1 v. razorback
  13. But... You called me bad! I'm not bad, see, I paid $5/$10 to be on the winning team! Therefore, I'm good! I was going to hop in the game with you to see all the lulz, then realized that you're probably not playing since you made the post D:
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