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  1. Yeah, like some people said, Packmaster is great as a tank. A fully upgrade packmaster is like T-101 with steroid.
  2. If you want Kenji in skirmish, it's easy. There even a thread in general discussion session for these type of mod. However, if you're asking for the Grayback's Journey, only certain user here know how to do it, and they're offline for a long time now.
  3. Is it possible to get Tarrant as a unit, or better yet, Zen Master?
  4. Kenji, he's the King of the World!! No matter what tactic the other Zen Master have, once a crictical strike hit on, they're on his mercy.
  5. Yeah, the 1.50 patch basically dumb your enemy down. Play the old BR, you'll face the true challenge.
  6. Yeah, Koril is a frontline Zen Master type, while Issyl is a supporter Zen Master, same category as Taro.
  7. Kabuki Warrior. He have a cool get-up, bling - bling sword, nice innate and likeable catchprase.
  8. Huh...the main site were down already? Damn, I thought this forum were closed too. Nice to see there's some modding community left. Anyway, I wanna ask a favor. One of the user in this forum used to post a mod, not Kenji mod, or any Dat.file mod, but a script modification. You know, he/she modify the Kenji's Journey (Dragon) so all the tech tree opened up in the earlier mission, meaning there's a Keep while fighting Shinja...etc, etc. The most important one, it replaced Kazan the fat with Garrin the Knight. Wonder if any of you have the mod. Could you upload it for me?
  9. Half beauty, half disgusting. I choose Shinja. He and Utarah would make a better pair than VetkinxUtarah. And, both used poisonous weapon. We can call them the Venom Lover.
  10. Can you help me then? I love to try it, can you help me? Please.
  11. No problem, glad if that helping you . Here's some of the Serpent path:
  12. Fraps. You can actually see it at the top center of the video.
  13. I just uploaded the whole Kenji's Journey storyline cut scenes. If you bored and want to watch it, here's the playlist: Kenji's Journey: Dragon Path Dragon Campaign movie Kenji's Journey: Serpent Path Serpent Campaign movie And a little of Grayback's Journey, all of them are long: Wolf Campaign Movie My newest project, tribute for Battle Realms Zen Master. Still in progress: Battle Realms Zen Master
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