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  1. well.... this is my answer for u i left 1 month ago cuz u guys only play 2v2 in valley or 3v3 in wheeler thats all this is my answer.......
  2. Stardust will make it easier for SC to get to Dragon's units
  3. u right BR is a good game and ALvz im sure ull come back i stoped playing for like 2 months cuz it got me bored people always playing 2v2 in valley and 3v3 in wheeler so it makes the game borring but ill come back 1 day
  4. so what ?????????? do u think sumone cares about what he says, need some action in this forum not just talking..........
  5. i dont think u can say stuff like this about people unless u know them, "Grow up" ur still a kid
  6. u right, i dont like wolfbite's decitions at all and some people might agree with me
  7. so u mean that people mad at ST cuz in ST theres 5 or 6 members ?
  8. lol cmon fresco, theres better jokes
  9. haha dont threat on me this forum is nothing but a fun time to me and u know u think ur smart with ur modetor, but i can do worse than that so if u want me off go for it
  10. some how i agree with u, without us "members" this forum was nothing and its not that they have like 12312321321231 members online, and they treat to us like kakaroes this is wolfbite and fusta im talking about, Zymeth is a good guy
  11. yeah me too Phate i dont like ST and i kind starting to like P-A, too bad Wolfbite got modetor and decided to delete hes account hes not better than any other of us and dosent have the right to delete our accounts hes just another member in this forum and he should be punished for deleting P-A's account :/ i vote for removing Wolfbite's modetor "AWAY"!
  12. u guys ever tought about Taking all BR players to play another game like CC generals ????????????????????????????????????????????? ive just played it after 2 years of no playing and i found it, the strategy of CC generals is awesome [and btw....... smoking my shisha while playing BR becomes kind a borring........ im sure if ill send nuclier weapons to other base's will be better while smokeing]
  13. yeah make love to him plz hes 18 and still virgin---- hahahaha
  14. see thats what im talking about ur attidute, no one asked u to replay baxter so plz shut it
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