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  1. that would take so long to get down.... was awesome though
  2. Koopa

    Happy Birthday Kitana

    haha sorry, i don't really know anyone as of yet thought i was being nice
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!
  4. Koopa

    To Fried Rice

    Simple 1) Find a picture you would like to use from your internet browser. 2) Copy the location of the image from properties. 3) Go to My Controls (found under the banner and tabs on the right) 4) Then click Edit Avatar Settings on the left side bar 5) Paste the location (http) and click "update avatar" 6) YOUR GOOD TO GO
  5. LOL!, I might actually get this game looks fun to make some creatures
  6. Koopa

    To Fried Rice

    oh yea? Good or bad
  7. Koopa

    To Fried Rice

    Hey Fried Rice, as you were saying earlier about me having to have a "SPRAY".... i'm not sure how abouts to get one going like you have, so i was wondering if you have any spare time or want to.... maybe..... make me one like yours but KOOPA, haha we can have DANCING PARTIES!
  8. Koopa

    Xp Or Vista?

    I'm the opposite actually, I had XP and windows constantly crashed when I would play TF2, so i upgraded to Vista and it works like a charm. Love the layout as well
  9. Clever Idea, allows others to view our awesome skills Or well, funny videos.....
  10. Koopa

    Favorite Shows

    For me it would have to be Band of Brothers, i am a true fan of war movies, as my whole family work in the Canadian Forces... I watched this set of movies at least 10 times since the day it came out.
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