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  1. that easier if I have listed the address of BG. then just change there hex to eachother.. I will have image if i have time.
  2. Im trying to do horse trample with Mine's damage. That easier to kill samurai or trample useless on some units bad English too
  3. watch this video, u guys will love it
  4. can someone tell me what is kenji BG code ? I mean kenji ranger BG (1 shoot to die) not melee BG. And how can put tarrant to use
  5. Who is playing BR on Gamer Ragner ? Let show ur nick here. pls Im Ms.Bean
  6. I tried...but i didnt find it. Can you help me to find ?
  7. Please tell me: +How can you clear the fog to look at the map? +HOW CAN CHANGE BG for each unit ?
  8. i need code of "innate ability unit" please
  9. Can you put the name of the unit ? I dont understand
  10. lol,u dont need to quote a long reply i dont like u now,lol
  11. i think all clan can kill Nekro lotus:unclean (with skill buff form brother)and warlock Serpent:bandit(skill) +raider Wolf:druiss + pichger Dragon:spearnam(skill sleep)+dragon warrior (skill fire) i think so because Nekro make in wood,so he care fire maybe i false
  12. lol Amaros just super push,i think his name cant write there.That must Terry
  13. Super mod Monument Dragon mod 1 peasent info Monument dragon house.we have dragon fire free,dont need any samurai Download
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