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  1. lotus sucks, these people dont know water and soap, they sucks
  2. Creo que con eso es suficiente : http://forums.gamingterritory.com/index.php?showtopic=5226
  4. zimi

    happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday

  6. I think that random is auseful thing to make the enemies dont see your clan, i voted yes for that.
  7. you can try the result try plating the units against each other, always win warlocks
  8. yes, i was thinking that clan is like you said before with magicians, weapon masters and holy knights. criticalstrikerz. I thogh in an unit that can sleep enemy units in area, and other who prevents with magc barriers melee attacks. the weapon master can have three types of melee damage, sword mace and spear, with each one he changes his resistances too. A hero of this clan can be P-A who attack fucking the geishas of the other and flying :), this consumes geishas resistance hehehe. Of course the allied team have new units and magics too.
  9. in fact, that guy is the true p-a
  10. please more fighting thats good, more, more more.
  11. I have alot of ideas: one idea is putting a new clan that is better than the rest, they enter from the other world and try to conquer the battlerealms world, in the other side the others clan make an alliance, the wolf with the dragon and the serpent with the lotus to fight against the invasor and conquer the realms, this new clan is better than all the rest, that the reason you can play at time with an alliance of the others two new clans dragon+wolf and serpent+lotus, in multiplayer is the same, i have too the ideas of the warriors of that new clan have and the new warriors of the allied teams, but that too big to explain.
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