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  1. Same name, got a 42 Lilith on 2nd playthrough.
  2. Death talk already exists during humiliation rounds by default.
  3. So, whenever that trading system comes out, I'll have these to trade: Panama Hat (Sniper) Football Helmet (Heavy) Ye Old Baker Boy (Scout) And uh, a halo. In case anyone wants it. As if. I'm keeping my Pyro beanie, though.
  4. h3gi

    Unban Request

    I see. I've left the group Team Fucking Win and am requesting an unban again.
  5. h3gi

    Unban Request

    Ban reason: Member of Team Win/SeatEd. I joined said groups for having a few friends in them, though I no longer associated myself with the groups. I wish to continue playing on Lotus servers. IGN: h3gi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:18715314 Thanks.
  6. On top of the Steam group of medics that refuse to heal players wearing a halo, it's incredibly entertaining learning how butthurt people can get. It fills me with glee.
  7. The whole thing is vastly amusing.
  8. h3gi

    Team Choice

    Oh man, that was amazing. Saving some of your asses with my ubercharge was most rewarding.
  9. has discovered a new species of scorpion capable of flight. brb kicking bucket

  10. That was honestly pretty boring. A few good ideas but nothing was executed to its potential. Almost every clip ended sooner than it should have. I would've liked to see more thought-out clips, even if that meant cutting some out.
  11. Someone forgot to turn off noclip.
  12. h3gi

    New Lotus Banner

    You should see the variation in the ingredients of Orange Fanta across countries. http://www.cogulus.com/fanta/ I'm sure it's similar in other soft drinks, though it may not be to that extent.
  13. Typical Competitive Brawl match.
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