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  1. I have moved the information to http://battlerealms.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_Realms_Source. I will try to post all the format documentations there and link them to that page.
  2. You are welcome. This is only the start. Only analyzing. I want to allow people to be able to modify all or most of the files inside Battle Realms. Edit: Updated main post with link to my H2O format documentation.
  3. Update: I have moved the information to http://battlerealms.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_Realms_Source Battle Realms was coded with Microsoft Visual C++ Battle_Realms_F.exe Imported .DLLs WINMM.dll - For time functions. KERNEL32.dll - Basic WinApi library. USER32.dll - Basic WinApi library. GDI32.dll - This is a graphics library. ADVAPI32.dll - Registry SHELL32.dll - To execute shell commands IMM32.dll - WSOCK32.dll - This is a socket library. RPCRT4.dll WS2_32.dll - More sockets MSACM32.dll - Streams? Most of these probably were put there by the Visual C++ compiler Source Functions and Files -To be written. Directories C:/Projects/Samurai/Code - Contains the .cpp files used by Battle Realms C:/Projects/COMMON - Contains directories and files probably shared by other Liquid games. H2O File Format http://battlerealms.wikia.com/wiki/H2O_File_Format Models .lsk = Liquid Skeleton .lfx = Liquid Effects .lms = Liquid Mesh .lmd = Liquid Model Textures are in Truevision TARGA format = .tga .lwt = Liquid Weight I'm still figuring out how to edit these or how they are formatted. Using a hex viewer you can see that these have a lot of data in them relating to other files. Dialogue/Interface .lte = Liquid Text Effect? - Contains the text that is drawn to the screen when a cutscene happens. .lfr = Liquid Font Resource? UVAs .uva = Probably related to UV Mapping. They come in a group accompanied by a .TGA image. They seem to be crops of the specified tileset(.tga) that they come from.I will update this after I make sense of some of the dissasembled code I have to describe exactly what these file formats contain and how they are edited. Also the reason H2OTools doesn't create the correct H2O file when using build is because it does not use PKWare's Compression Library Implode method to compress data when it is building, it only uses its explode method when extracting files.
  4. The first step to making or modifying the campaigns is to fix H2OTool so it saves data compressed with PKWare's Compression Library when creating H2O archives. I am doing that at the moment. Then you have to figure out how the .DLLS are formatted for the cinematics so you can create new ones. Still trying to figure it out. I am not sure what UVAs are used for yet. LTEs store the text of the game. I am currently trying to document the format. More to come... (Still trying to decompile Battle Realm's code. I know assembly and know it was coded in C++)
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