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  1. hi avril....hastah la victoria siempre...

  2. Hey Avril, do you have a Facebook user? PM me ;)

  3. oh.. girl ka pala. Lol... i was beaten by a girl.. ha ha. Your a good BR player for a girl though. And its nice to hear that there is a good Pinay BR player...

  4. new year ??! happy Old Year if you want ;D

  5. Happy New Year !

  6. happy new year

  7. happy new year

  8. happy new year

  9. happy new year

  10. happy new year...

  11. team master tnx for dropping bye =p.. happy new year 2 all..

  12. lol kenji how old are you? thanks and happy new year 2.. ^^


  14. hi po,,, padaan lang.. sige po

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