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  1. nice nekro, when we played, our serpent vs dragon was always a draw xD
  2. LOL, do you think it is a good win, if u beat a dragon with lotus? and then you call her a noob? xD ur funny^^
  3. lol, do you really think that any idiot of this world want to see your boring screens? the off topic posts are the only good in this noob thread.
  4. no xD, i think you wanted to say something like that: "it is a WASTE of time to play with an idiot like me, masterdennis"
  5. nope, i think no Do you dare to hit masterdennis in his stupid face withhis super dopey smile?
  6. yes, you are a true br legend, the biggest asshole in the br history after pro assassin. where is the moderator who will bann ur ass from this forums? WHERE IS HE ??? xD
  7. masterdennis is one of the idiots, who save every screenshot that he can post it in the forums., yes, the screens of the AIs too. and after every win he masterbates. his target is to be the best, wohoo masterdennis, write it on your forehead the future: after 87 years of playing br(masterdennis and the chatmonitor are the only ones in the lobby) masterdennis: see !, chatmonitor, im the only and best br player of the world. YEAH, i got it. Chat-Monitor: ... masterdennis: haha, you ve never thought that i will be the best, but now im it! Chat-Monitor: ... masterdennis: i ve always told you, that i will be the best. hahaha Chat-Monitor: OMG, stfu and fuck off ! and so on masterdennis, dont give up, you are the most hated and stupid br player, but you can be it, the best ! so, keep training
  8. masterdennis, i really never played one match with you, and will never do it. If u play against me, it's a smurf. In the last 2 months i have only played with dudeness, n, dunking, solidsnake and nekro. I kick every other player if i want to play with my friends, including you. And by the way, who doesn't know smurfers?, i heard bax got smurfed very much too. Humans are masters at destroying nice things, in br they use smurf names, or the newest thing: a hack which let disappear the fog of war masterdennis, you are one of the many humans, who i hate until they die. You're only on this world, to annoy other people, in my eyes such humans are useless and it doesn't matter if they die. in this case i shit on the moral sorry for my bad english
  9. wow, i flame and u dont flame back, thats nice, you surprised me. I will edit my list now.
  10. The most fun i have with this players: Solidsnake, Dunking, Dudeness and N so they are the best players for me. The list of the best players looks in my opinion like this: 1. cptheslayer 2. Ben 3. Solidsnake/Nekromant 4. OlwOkandi 5. Baxter/Sora 6. Dunking 7. Med/Lump 8. Knockout/Yami 9. N/Dudeness 10. Kasedo/Rundown/Diablo
  11. i don know how old i was, maybe 13 or 14, i got the demo of br of a friend, i played the demo about a half year until i got the full battle realms...
  12. masterdennis, have you msn? i would like to challenge you
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