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  1. KP

    Banners Look Bad

    What the hell are you talking about 1nsane? .jpg is best with colors and quality. You just have to set it correctly. Tell me your settings before you save it. Make sure the quality is to maximum and it's baseline progressive. Although the file size will be huge.
  2. When I first saw it. I was like "Damnnn....Zymeth really sucks at making jokes." =P
  3. KP

    Br Renders

    You should save them as .png or .gif so the backgrounds stay transparent. And you missed some spots on the last one. Good job none the less.
  4. KP

    *signature Contest*

    Thought i'd try to get this crackin'. My Entry: It's a old sig. I have no time to make new ones lately. I whipped it up in 5-10 minutes so it's pretty simple (like its title).
  5. KP

    Two New Forum Skins

    I'm not fully done yet. I'm still making the button and old/new forums posts buttons. Oh yeah, and berzerker...If you can make a better one then by all means do so, but if you can't walk the walk and only talk the talk, then I suggest you shut the fuck up and think twice before you say someone's work sucks...because I doubt you're going to make even half of what I did... Oh yeah, and just so your incompetent ass knows, you can change the styles...
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