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  1. so what if mine can run morrowind? or guild wars?
  2. do you think that if my comp can play BR that i can play Rakion?
  3. i dont think ive ever posted on the FFTA borads but ihave posted on th BR borads and seen you there.
  4. Fire Emblem beats advanced wars. hey futsalfred i didnt know you were on gamefaqs. im on there too. Im darkblade104.
  5. FFTA is probably one of the best GBA games of all time.
  6. oh i dont have WOTW. i just have BR.
  7. i got mine on amazon.com for 5 bucks (not including shipping and handling)
  8. i dont really have alot of time to be on here but i try to make the most of it. but i still manage to get here once a day.
  9. ive never tried any megaman games. are they any good?
  10. I like Otomo cuz with his BG i can kill people.......when i have an army.
  11. I dont recognize the second to last guy.......
  12. I like serpents because of the things they have like hobbling and glue factory. But lotus horses can belch flame........ I vote serpent.
  13. It worked! thank you. anyone want to play? (im not really that good though)
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