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  1. OMG love this thread now i can mod battle realms xD now im searching for the address for all the building... all i found is Dojo, Bathhouse, (serpent bathhouse), tavern,alchemist both dragon and serpent, combat pit, quarry, vitality garden, lotus forge, training yard, aviary, wolfs den, and the keeps... does anyone know where can i find the range unit buildings i cant seem to find it D:...
  2. What i think is Berserker is the best tier 3 unit because it got more hp, powerful with upgrades, and powerful with the shale armor aswell
  3. i voted for berserker cus there no weakness and can pwn if it has shale armor
  4. Arah is a girl and Issyl is a girl didnt u read the zen master page... its a SHE SHE SHE SHE SHE
  5. can anyone make edited Battle Realm.dat Like when you train a peasant in the dojo it will turn into a zymeth or help me do it in hex edit the battle realm.dat please and thank you edit: nvm... now i know how to mod the battle realms.dat its really easy but finding the adresses will confuse you =3
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