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  1. Well, this is a tough one. Sure, being a ninja is great as long as you are not spotted. Monks can spot the hidden, and rapidly recover if not disturbed from meditation. Ninjas can recover energy if they stand still while hiding. I guess it all comes down to attack and defense: A ninja, given the right timing, can defeat a monk regardless of what most say. Monks can be a slight bit better in beating up a foe that is weak to whatever the monk does for damage (good luck finding a unit like that ) I also noticed that it sometimes takes two or more monks to beat down a lone ninja if unsupported on both ends. Now imagine a group of ninjas attacking monks of equal number. Based on this (and I could be wrong, so don't start attacking me for it) I would pick a ninja, they are superior stealth and battle units of the two. I would be a monk if I was more of a keeper or a guardian.
  2. To be honest, they are all quite disgusting, but only the infested one comes out on top for it. I mean, who would actually be able to contain their contents if they saw a person walking around, stomach bulging and bleeding from thousands of maggots (sorry to burst everyone's bubbles about them being worms) consuming it. I would honestly become ill if I saw it in real life, and at least the unclean one and diseased one can keep the things that make them disgusting inside for a while, I.E. the unclean one has all that condensed darkness in him, and occasionally coughs up a little from the lungs, and the diseased one really isn't too disgusting unless he were to use his one BG, and even without it is not disgusting unless you decided to get close enough to smell his breath. So, if it were between maggots protruding from an open stomach, small amounts of "tar" being coughed up (or large amounts if it was an attack), or horribly noxious breath, I would pick the first one of these (the maggots) as there is really no way to hide that grossness..
  3. I chose Utara, she really defines the term "lethal beauty" in this. I mean, who would want to harm her if they realized that she would put them into such pain? Trust me, Utara is one of the prettiest, and that prettiness can lure even the strongest warriors into lowering their guard. Such beauty cannot be had without a price, and that price usually is paid by the others who try to get close to her. None of the others can come close (Arah is too busy trying to be the best archer, Gaihla is too busy protecting nature, and Yvaine, well, Yvaine is just plain corrupted with nothing good about her) and only Utara really says anything to try and lure guys to her.
  4. I voted that it should fix bugs in the game. As others before me have pointed out in other areas, this game is now riddled with a lot of bugs. And in addition, any really skilled player can beat Lotus/Wolf with Dragon/Serpent, so there is no real unbalancing issue there. New buildings/units would eventually upset the balance regardless of it's original intention. Power isn't necessarily a good thing, as it tends to upset the game balance.. Fix the bugs should be top priority..then we can debate about any additional things to be added in regards with mods..
  5. Well, it is hard to explain, but if there is lag, then that means that one or more players have slower internet connections..all I can say really is to have a decent internet connection and hope the others have a decent connection too. Other than that, there is no real concrete way.. There may be other things that cause lag too, but I'm not sure what they are.
  6. I agree..Koril is one of the better heroes of the lotus...innate keeps all ranged attacks from hitting a majority of the time except for serpent musketeers, and he can teleport away at low health and return later on after being healed. He can also be used to attack an enemy's peasants in their own base I believe this topic is better off in a more suitable area...
  7. And it is things like this that makes me want to play offline nowadays... I don't think any bug should be used, and just because someone abuses a certain BG does not make it a bug..trust me, I have played with many people, several of which have abused the smoke and SC on me, and I almost stopped playing online for a while when I got ID abused... My example of abuse is when you/opponent uses a BG so often and repeatedly with massed units (I.E. smoke) that you really can't do squat to them or they can't do squat to you. This means a victory for the abuser in some instances, especially rushes.. Sometimes, just because you make a verbal agreement with someone doesn't mean they will keep it..I have made agreements in the past on what is or is not allowed for that particular match, and they don't always keep it..(I.E. agreement to not rush, and the opponent rushes anyway...)
  8. I tend to use Kazan only when I have need of fire units...or if I feel like setting something on fire (like an enemy building, especially pesky watchtowers...), other than that, I rarely use him unless I am battling Otomo with him And even then, I rarely play as dragon..
  9. Well, the one that was discussed at first in this topic was just called Fire Emblem in English...the one for the Wii is Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn...the Game Cube one is Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and the other GBA title is Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. BTW, on one of my second playthroughs, I actually finished off the Dragon without losing any one of importance..Armads rules for a final blow..and Renault actually helped with Fortify
  10. Um...I don't think Soban is obtainable in the Serpent path...I do know Koril is obtainable in the Lotus mission on that part of the map.
  11. Well...I voted that the dragon has the most difficult time vs lotus. Most of whatever dragon can throw at the weakness of the various standard lotus units can easily be turned away with most lotus BG..like DC for archers, DS for most units, and others. It is pretty much a guaranteed loss for dragon users if they can't counter every possible technique a lotus user can toss at you. Get SC for the warlocks, protect them with DC, and dragon can kiss their base and all units goodbye.. Trust me, I used dragon in the past, massed archers, and they just ended up six feet under in a matter of moments. This is before I realized the usefulness of Stardust..and even that had no aid to me once the warlocks got into my area.
  12. Warlocks are extremely annoying, but it takes a bit about weaknesses to figure out the easiest way to slay them... Since I tend to use either Serpent or Lotus (Serpent online, Lotus offline..) it makes my job that much easier.. Cannoneers and Snipers are very useful in taking out warlocks. Snipers can help pick off the warlocks from a distance (make sure that the Vital Points upgrade is gotten, really helps) and Cannoneers can help finish off the weakened force. With Lotus, DC is good since SC is a bit of a ranged attack. Use either leaf disciples or your own warlocks with SC to counter a warlock attack.. In regards to wolf and Dragon, I hardly use them since my skill with them is weak at best, but any type of piercing or crushing attack should work (Sledgers/Ballistamen for wolf, Archers for Dragon.) Don't quote me on this, It's been a long while since I got my game on, so I'm a bit rusty on tactics..
  13. Sounds like the INI file is probably corrupted or missing. Check your BR folder for it, if it is there, then it may be corrupted, if not then you need to somehow get it.
  14. Well, I am trying to complete Kenji's journey again, but unfortunately, my game quits of its own accord on the swan's pool level on the Dragon path, and I just started fresh on my Serpent side.. In my opinion, Serpent is easier if you use snipers or a ton of ronin..until then, swords and bandits make short work of whatever is thrown at you..
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