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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I won't make anything big thread, just wan't to say Hello for a new home for me. Now, I know saying, 'new home' is odd, but hear me out. Iv come from the Skial forms, [a 3+ year user of it and frankly I don't care if they see this or not.] But recently the moderators have gone on a high horse over some regulars, and its been a big cluster fuck lately. To be frank, I was sick of it. The forum was not as active as it used to be, nothing fun happens anymore, it just feels like a marshal law police state, (not the fault of the owner, more of the mods and admins themselves that have been placed into power.) I don't have the best history with Skial, but I'm ready to make a new change with it all, because I think it would be niche to have a fresh start on a community. I used to play Lotus alot, but switched to Skial long ago. At this point, I don't play TF2, but I'm willing to play with anyone else if willing, (looking for more Dota 2 players.) So hopefully this can be an enjoyable home to the very least and I hope to get to know alot of regulars around here and make friends, and not have the drama that Skial had. You can look up my past on Skial if you wish, I got nothing to hide at this point, and if they find me here and bitch somewhere about it, so be it I'm not here to start or stir anything. The bullshits been too smelly to deal with.
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