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Found 4 results

  1. Mr.DarkShadow

    DarkShadow application

    Name: Connor Barton / Darkshadow Steam link to profile: http://steamcommunity.com/ID/DarkShadow/ Age: 14 Steam ID: ID/DarkCon2001/ Hours played on tf2: over 950 hours Time played on lotus servers: about half of the 900 hours ive played tf2 so about 500 hours on lotus servers Previous clan activity: Location: England Main class: Sniper Fave lotus server: Ctf2fort Uk I want to join lotus clan because over the past 2 - 3 years I have met some of the greatest people in the clan. And I want to be part of that community and make even more friends . srry, but my steam link to profile is actually http://steamcommunity/ID/DarkCon2001/
  2. Name: Cola Kid Link to your Steam Profile and your Steam IDs: Steam ID 64: 76561197967203916 steam3ID: [u:1:33046637] steamID32: STEAM_0:1:16523318 steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993312365 Age: 36 Approximate Total Time Played in TF2: 334 Approximate Total Time Played on Lotus Clan Servers: I dont know but Id assume you would be able to check out on your servers. Previous Clan Activity: None Since CS many years ago Location: UK Main Class: Engineer but practicing more soldier now Favorite Lotus Server: 2fort uk fast respawn Tell us about yourself and why you want to join Lotus Clan: There have been a few times when Ive been on a server I thought I could of been of help just increasing player count if needed etc. Not interested in joining to kick or ban just lend a hand and play with the members. Plus I could do with some training here and there and the sunday games sound like a cool thing. Im not interesting in competative play though and so you know I am epileptic so I cant guarentee to always be around but I am home and around a computer pretty much 12/7.
  3. D-Bee

    Thinking of Joining Us?

    Hey there! If you're floating around the Forums and wondering what it is we do don't hesitate to ask. We have cake! Just kidding, there's no cake. We DO have a lot of fun though, and you're invited to apply so you can join in! Don't be shy.
  4. Biscuit.

    .Biscuit's application

    Name: In-game- Biscuit. IRL- Griffin Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075950250 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57842261 Age: 16 Approximate Total Time Played TF2, DODS and or CSS: TF2 - 960 hours Approximate Total Time Played on Lotus Clan Servers: A large portion of my total play time has been on Lotus servers so maybe like 400 or so. Previous Clan Activity: None Location: As in where I live? New York Main Class: It changes frequently but lately probably Demoman Tell us about yourself and why you want to join Lotus Clan: Well, I've been playing on Lotus servers for a while and decided I should try and be a part of the community, along with that, I've played with some pretty cool/skilled guys on the servers with the L-r tag so i figured it must be a fun and competitive clan, which is something I've been looking for and I feel rather stupid for not realizing that I should've tried to join lotus a while ago.