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Found 14 results

  1. [Mod] Improved Heroes + Summoner (For Steam Version Only) General : - All clans start with a Summoner, but they won't move! (Special heroes can be summoned) - All heroes can get Techniques / Upgrades. - Disable regeneration rates of all stunned effects. - You will acquire Yin & Yang faster. (All clans can acquire both Yin & Yang) - Yin/Yang damage incrementor : Heroes = 25 - 30 % , Monk/Ninja = 20 % , Minions/Units(Tier3,4) = 5 - 10 % - Inecrase 100 HP of Units tier 3 , 4 - Increase damage of some weapons. - Inecrese healing range of Fan Geisha. - Keep HP set to 5,000. (All clans) - Unlimit to build Town Square. - Reduces training time of every Units for -5 seconds. - Peasant spawn rates : min. = 8 sec. / max. = 10 sec. - Maximum population set to : 60/70/80 - Max rice capacity = 8,000 / Max water capacity = 4,000 - Zombie and Shambler DeregenerationRate set to 0. - Improved Monk & Ninja - Adjust some values in AIWarPartyMakeUps. Dragon Clan Serpent Clan Lotus Clan Wolf Clan Latest version : V.1.55.3 (25/10/20) Download Links : Mediafire Mod DB
  2. This is a mod that makes it so that all heroes now get techniques like regular units. Since I wanted to go with upgrades that made sense to each hero, some heroes get more upgrades than others. The main features are: 1. Techniques/upgrades for most heroes. Some heroes benefit more than others, but now they're generally much better later in the game. 2. Monks and Ninja can get different battle gear based on their clan. 3. The Lotus clan can use Zymeth to summon the Nightvol for 10 yin, who now has working sounds from the campaign. 4. The Dragon clan can use Otomo to summon the Dragon for 10 yang 5. The Wolf clan can use Greyback to summon the White Wolf for 8 yang 6. The Serpent clan can use Shinja to summon Tarrant for 10 yin 7. Some heroes can get battle gears that suit them (ie. Arah can get long-range fire arrows, Wolf clan heroes can get Shale Armor). 8. Changes to the Nightvol and Hordelings to make them more challenging in the campaign Installation: 1. IMPORTANT - MAKE BACKUPS OF Battle Realms.dat (located in the main Battle Realms folder) and SpeechFX.H2O (located in the Sounds folder) 2. Move the included Battle Realms.dat from the mod package to your main Battle Realms folder 3. Move the included SpeechFX.H2O from the mod package to your Battle Realm's Sound folder 4. Start a new game - most changes won't work on save games Full changes: Download Links: Main file (with sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/i8new1g5iapbp5s/BattleRealms_HeroesUpdgradeV2.7z Kenji Version only (no sound): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ozibliatsr8dakr/HeroUpgradesV2_WithKenji.7z
  3. I'm using Battle Realms Data Editor(WOTW), I wanted the Cannoneer to shoot like a musketeer(instant hit), but I can't seem to figure out how to do it :/ I've tried setting the Cannoneer's weapon class to WEAPONCLASS_INSTANTHIT and the projectile to -1(PROJECTILE_INVALID) but the only thing that happens is the Cannoneer only does it's shooting animation but does no damage, I even set the damage of the weapon to 1000 and area effect to 500 and nothing happens, but if do that to the musketeer's weapon then everything instantly dies(Cuz of the 1000 damage), help please?
  4. Removed all geisha to have second training, for balancing purposes. For Serpent and Dragon Clan: Dragon Clan changes: All units, melee, are changed to spear man. Alchemist -> Archer w/ fire arrow. Sumo -> Sumo, attack changed to indirect fire. Spear man -> Dojo -> Kenji Young(punch kenji) -> Royal Academy -> Peasant Kenji -> Royal Academy -> Kenji 3 Kabuki, lr changed to chakram projectile. Changed Dragon Warrior to spear man, still same bgs. Serpent Clan changes: Like wise, changed to swordsman. Cannoneer -> Muskeeter, w/ full upgrade + Sniper Scope, beats Indirect fire of dragon. Raider -> Ninja, uses fire as lr attack, bg are caltrops and smoke bombs. lol Bandit -> Swordsman, can learn glass sword, when full upgrade, have atleast 1/8 life left, can learn Musketeer -> Alchemist hut -> Kenji -> kenji 3 Changed enforcer to Swordsman, can learn mugging and horned nail boots. Ronin to swordsman, same bgs. Removed the fat wip guy w/ soban. For story purposes but disregarded. Swordsman -> Tavern -> Garrin Ronin -> tavern -> Otomo Replaced Necromancer w/ Tarrant, not yet working properly but you can summon him. *2 clans are balanced, you'll think the units of the dragon clan is overpowered againts units, but serpent can defeat them if you have the correct bgs to counter them, same w/ serpent clan, it can be defeated by using the correct bgs.. Ex: Glass sword bandits can wipe your entire army, but can be countered w/ dragon warrior w/ chi shield. Same w/ Raider, a mass raider can wipe your whole base but can be prevented by microing your units wisely. To come, Still learning how to work w/ bgs and voices.. Will include Tarrant w/ dragon attack lol Lotus clan will be replaced by mostly ninjas w/ different jutsus, Wolf clan will be replaced by wolfs. Tips: Mass produce sumo for funs. XD Included a map I made.. Files: Battle Realms.dat Winter BattleGrounds.bre <- it's fun to play w/ this map LINK: Battle Realms.rar
  5. To whom it may concern, I was playing on your Texas server Badwater Basin 08/26/2011, which is where I usually play because the ping is the lowest for me. I lasted for about two hours playing, then someone using my same Username (NightSnake) shows up, he was a heavy using the Gloves of Running Urgently definitely using a speed mod. He kills the whole team, and everyone is furious, then a vote ban appears and sure enough they all vote yes, foolishly even me, to ban "NightSnake". Immediately after I get kicked and it says that I have been banned reason:Hacking. I think to myself that it may just be a votekick and to try again later, but no, I'm banned. I don't have anything recorded, as I got kicked out really fast, and not really anyone to vouch for me. I just hope that you unban me as I don't really have many servers to choose from, and I really like the community in Lotus Clan. I can promise you that I'm not a cheater, and find people who do disgusting, why cheat in a game that does promotes team work over winning? Also if something like this where to happen again (someone hacking with my name) what would be my best course of action, disconnect, change my name? My Account Name is nightsnake0, please reply. -The real NightSnake P.S. MODS=GODS
  6. can someone help me how to add mob into battle realm pls
  7. Since I can't seem to upload files in this forum, I'll just post the link to the mod: http://www.moddb.com/games/battle-realms/downloads/battle-realms2 More info can be found on the introduction document in the folder. Do give me your critiques regarding the mod.
  8. Hi , I would like to know how can I edit the models or the mesh files of files i extracted from .h2o file. The file formats are something like .lmd , .lms , but I cant seem to find a way to edit them, can someone tell me how I can edit the model files or convert them to formats which I can edit in 3DS Max or something ? I really want to mod this game. ^^
  9. Can someone create a mod for with the following content: Dragon clan: Replace Garrin with Kenji3 dragon instead of monks ninjas Serpent clan: Replace Budo with Kenji3 sepent instead of ninjas monks no other changes please nvm now already made my own mod
  10. Hey I have been a huge fan of battle realms since I first started playing it around 02-03, and I have just recently started using mods for the game. I am wanting to create my own mods for the game and share them with yall but I don't even know where to begin so if someone could explain to me how to create a mod or send me a link with a tutorial that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  11. maybe black and white or sumthin. plzz
  12. Requesting for Kenji in Serpent Clan only. not in dragon clan. Multiplayer. Kenji1 Kenji2 And Kenji 3 Thank you boss!!!!!
  13. Hello everyone. I'm hecumarine and I made huge modification for Battle Realms, it took me only two months to make it but a lot of hard work was put into it. I'm really curious if people will like it, well it's Lotus campaign after all, Battle Realms fans wet dream come true so here it is: http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-realms-corruption-of-the-lotus-campaign
  14. May i request for a mod peasant + dragon monument=kenji1 and can be upgrade until kenji OWTD for dragon clan (kenji1 + royal academy) and for the serpent clan peasant+necromancer throne= kenji 1 and he is also upgradable until kenji with the serpent (kenji1+assasin den) for the lotus clan zymeth can enter to warlock tower so he can obtain orb,, and reaper+stable=nightvol and peasant + stable = his evil pets for wolf clan please add grayback 1 in the mine. and grayback with orb thanks and btw max for population 80 thank u again
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