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Found 2 results

  1. Sergeant Wolfi

    Big Problem

    I took a break from tf2 for 1-2 months. today I was trying to play again and everytime I try to start it and reached the main menu, it crashes my computer and I have to restart the computer. I already tryed to reinstall it but it didn't helped. any ideas?
  2. Biscuit.

    Problem With Scripts/HUDs

    A few days ago I decided try out Stabby Stabbys HUD/Scripts and it went terribly. I followed a guide on how to do this on a Mac [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA51q3jSzN4]. This didn't work but now I kept trying and downloaded Stabby Stabbys "Everything" Pack and attempted to just sorta switch folders around from Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Team Fortress 2/tf and the downloaded bits from Stabby Stabbys pack. Needless to say this worked out horribly, on the main menu screen of TF2 if i moved my mouse past a certain are on the screen it jumped back to the center immediately, i was able to join a server and when i tried playing and could not move or shoot, I could only aim, jump and crouch. So I scrapped it all, and attempted moving the files back to where they were, this didn't work the problem was still there. So I tried deleting tf2/Steam and Re-downloading them both, this did not work, the problem was still there. So i tried restoring a backup from an external hard drive that i had backed up weeks before downloading or messing with anything. The issue was still there and I don't understand how thats even possible. If anybody has any ideas on what to do I'd love to hear them, I'm no computer genius so it could be something simple but I just can' figure it out. TL;DR: I dun fucked up, help. Thanks everybody!