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      If you have been votebanned, read this!

      If you have been votebanned, wait a while then try connecting again. It is not permanent. You should not post an unban request for a voteban. We can not and will not do anything about it. Just wait it out
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      TF2 Admin Application Format

      Please read the following directions carefully.   IF YOU DO NOT MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS, DO NOT APPLY.   Please note if you apply and do not meet the requirements, you will be denied, and unable to reapply until further notice. If you reapply, still not meeting the requirements, or before the period given on the last denial, you will be permanently denied an admin position from LotusClan.   NOTE: Staff have the right to adjust the requirements as they see fit or more suitable.   Admin Application Minimum Requirements: Must be at least 16 years of age. Applicants under the age of 18 are encouraged to know our community, and its members. Applicants must have at least 3 days of activity on Lotus servers before being eligible to apply for admin. Having a microphone is encouraged, but not mandatory. Must be relatively active on the forums and servers. We're looking for serious admins. Absolutely NO records of cheating, VAC bans, and hacking on your Steam history. No Lotus server or forums bans within the last 6 months.

      Note: Once you've submitted your application you're encouraged to examine it within the next 48 hours. During that period of time, further questions may be asked in regards to your application. A decision will be made after the 48 hours.  
      Please post in the correct Forum Section (Admin Applications) or your application will be denied. Your application must be complete, clear, and easy to read. You may not edit your application once submitted. Do not use unreadable font or color. Be professional.   For applying, please use the following template:
      Note: you will not be able to change or see your application after you posted it.

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Found 2 results

  1. Big Problem

    I took a break from tf2 for 1-2 months. today I was trying to play again and everytime I try to start it and reached the main menu, it crashes my computer and I have to restart the computer. I already tryed to reinstall it but it didn't helped. any ideas?
  2. Problem With Scripts/HUDs

    A few days ago I decided try out Stabby Stabbys HUD/Scripts and it went terribly. I followed a guide on how to do this on a Mac [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA51q3jSzN4]. This didn't work but now I kept trying and downloaded Stabby Stabbys "Everything" Pack and attempted to just sorta switch folders around from Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Team Fortress 2/tf and the downloaded bits from Stabby Stabbys pack. Needless to say this worked out horribly, on the main menu screen of TF2 if i moved my mouse past a certain are on the screen it jumped back to the center immediately, i was able to join a server and when i tried playing and could not move or shoot, I could only aim, jump and crouch. So I scrapped it all, and attempted moving the files back to where they were, this didn't work the problem was still there. So I tried deleting tf2/Steam and Re-downloading them both, this did not work, the problem was still there. So i tried restoring a backup from an external hard drive that i had backed up weeks before downloading or messing with anything. The issue was still there and I don't understand how thats even possible. If anybody has any ideas on what to do I'd love to hear them, I'm no computer genius so it could be something simple but I just can' figure it out. TL;DR: I dun fucked up, help. Thanks everybody!