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Found 2 results

  1. Hi this is a tutorial of making maps and for those who can make maps should be also good to increase skills For example I choose 128/128 map size you can se it max to (512/512) Grasslands / Dirt the map will be for two players to rotate the map use RIGHT ALT + AROWS â†â†‘↓→ mouse wheel to zoom If you want to no lose your work after make changes press CTRL+S -quick save -[you can only do that if this gonna be maked: horse spawn point min. 2players start point on flat terrain not in water and not in rice + water with one water point] and make copy of files sometimes WorldMaster crash and thats bad when youar working by map some houers :'(
  2. For the beginning: You need to go and download Data Editor from Here: http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/28424-battle-realms-data-editor-by-situvn/ After download usually files are rar or other compressed files so make sure you have a decompressor program RAR or 7ZIP or familiar decompress to one folder go to exe file and open it Should look like this : Basics: To Change : Helth - go to: Data_Units Column / Data_Units.MaxHealth choose unit and select needed value Unit Rice,Water,Yin/Yang cost - go to: Data_Units.RiceTrainCost , Data_Units.WaterTrainCost , Data_Units.YinYangTrainCost and from the Column choose needed value Strength Damage (attack of unit)- go to: Data_Units.PrimaryWeapon if you want changedamade second weapon choose from column a weapon remember the number and go to Data_Weapons.Type locate your selected weapon /number and change from Data_Weapons.BaseDamage to needed value and also you can set damage from Yin/Yang points works only when you have that points ; go to Data_Units.YinYangDamageIncrementor and set needed value from column Stamina - to change go to data tab select unit and find: Data_Units.InitialFatigue( mean how much) / Data_Units.MaxFatigue (mean maximal) / and/ Data_Units.FatigueRecovery (mean how fast) tihs also is related to Helth the same Movement speed of unit - go to unit and selct unit and find column : Data_Units.DirtSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.ForestSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.GrassSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.MudSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.RiceSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.RockSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.SnowSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.WaterSpeedMultiplier These settings correspond to a substrate on which it is running unit ,1 '- by default ,below the slower ,above faster . Armor defense of unit - are 6 gropus of the armors seting value 1 mean susceptible on impacts and 0 not susceptible on impacts when this value is set to unit can only be killed from poisonous weapons, go to Data_Units.AMCutting / Data_Units.AMPiercing / Data_Units.AMBlunt / Data_Units.AMFire / Data_Units.AMExplosive /Data_Units.AMMagical this is related to wepon type and armor can reduce the specific type of wepon hit impact Changing Heroes from keep's also other buildings : Only in Dragon Clan is dispalyed 6 heroes other Clans 5 but in memory can be use 6 so: go to Data_Buildings.UnitIn1 to any training building and and simlpy select unit to train next go toData_Buildings.UnitOut1 to select unit which popup after training next select time to train:Data_Buildings.UnitTrainingTime1 and this is it about seting all next units only will have change numbers like this Data_Buildings.UnitIn2 /Data_Buildings.UnitOut2/Data_Buildings.UnitTrainingTime2 so next will be 3..4..5..6 the same with other buildings. About summoning more units from BG(battle gear): go to ability of related BG (for example: 230 - ABILITYTYPE_WILDEYE_WILDRHYTHMS or 87 - ABILITYTYPE_NECROMANCER_SPIRITWARRIOR ) then to set max summoned units go Data_Abilities.MaxCreatedUnits then choose spawn unit type Data_Abilities.CreatedUnitType Make New Bg: You need to use : Data_Abilities.Type / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_04 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_05 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_06 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_07 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_08 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_09 and ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_00 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_01 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_02 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_03 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_04 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_05 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_06 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_07 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_08 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_09 and do exactly the same as the existing ones and then go to:Data_BattleGear.Type / choose one of this BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_00 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_01 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_02 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_03 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_04 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_05 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_06 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_07 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_08 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_09 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_00 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_01 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_02 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_03 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_04 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_05 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_06 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_07 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_08 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_09 go to Data_BattleGear.AbilityType set and set your maded ability and then goto: Data_Units choose unit you want to add your new bg and go to that unit to section: Data_Units.DefaultBattleGear and set your choosed BG from ( BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_00 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_01/ BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_02 /etc. ) Seting population low ,noraml ,high : LOW: Data_Clans.LowUnitCap NORMAL: Data_Clans.NormalUnitCap HIGH: Data_Clans.HighUnitCap Accordingly: 1LINE DRAGON CLAN 2LINE HERO CLAN 3LINE LOTUS CLAN 4LINE SEPENT CLAN 5LINE UNALIGNED mean animals and other units like Nightvol,shale spiders monks,ninja 6LINE WOLF CLAN PEASANT SPAWN RATE: Depends on three coefficients: 1.Data_Clans.MinTimeToCreatePeasant - mean when peasants number is smal they pop up quick 2.Data_Clans.MaxTimeToCreatePeasant - mean when peasants number is big they pop up slow and 3.Data_Clans.FastUnitPercent - and this is percent off first and last unit speed value Visible range of unit : Go to Data_Units select unit and go to Data_Units.LOS and set 1-30 max. this gonna be continued ... Any questions simply ask, I try to answer of course if I know the answer make a colors : need: - any program with color editor RGB like on a pictuere I use photoshop cs also calculator inpicture i show how to make a DARK TURQUOISE this color have value OF RED,GREN,BLUE R 41 G 153 B 153 to calculate right number to put in editor need to do this R 41/255=0,160~ G 153/255=0,6 B 153/255=0,6 next go to editor end put to team colors 1 team 2 team etc. in R 0,160 G 0,6 B 0,6 to get DARK TURQUOISE AND SAVE DONE MAKING AN CREATURES ON A MAP :