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  1. For the beginning: You need to go and download Data Editor from Here: http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/28424-battle-realms-data-editor-by-situvn/ After download usually files are rar or other compressed files so make sure you have a decompressor program RAR or 7ZIP or familiar decompress to one folder go to exe file and open it Should look like this : Basics: To Change : Helth - go to: Data_Units Column / Data_Units.MaxHealth choose unit and select needed value Unit Rice,Water,Yin/Yang cost - go to: Data_Units.RiceTrainCost , Data_Units.WaterTrainCost , Data_Units.YinYangTrainCost and from the Column choose needed value Strength Damage (attack of unit)- go to: Data_Units.PrimaryWeapon if you want changedamade second weapon choose from column a weapon remember the number and go to Data_Weapons.Type locate your selected weapon /number and change from Data_Weapons.BaseDamage to needed value and also you can set damage from Yin/Yang points works only when you have that points ; go to Data_Units.YinYangDamageIncrementor and set needed value from column Stamina - to change go to data tab select unit and find: Data_Units.InitialFatigue( mean how much) / Data_Units.MaxFatigue (mean maximal) / and/ Data_Units.FatigueRecovery (mean how fast) tihs also is related to Helth the same Movement speed of unit - go to unit and selct unit and find column : Data_Units.DirtSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.ForestSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.GrassSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.MudSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.RiceSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.RockSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.SnowSpeedMultiplier / Data_Units.WaterSpeedMultiplier These settings correspond to a substrate on which it is running unit ,1 '- by default ,below the slower ,above faster . Armor defense of unit - are 6 gropus of the armors seting value 1 mean susceptible on impacts and 0 not susceptible on impacts when this value is set to unit can only be killed from poisonous weapons, go to Data_Units.AMCutting / Data_Units.AMPiercing / Data_Units.AMBlunt / Data_Units.AMFire / Data_Units.AMExplosive /Data_Units.AMMagical this is related to wepon type and armor can reduce the specific type of wepon hit impact Changing Heroes from keep's also other buildings : Only in Dragon Clan is dispalyed 6 heroes other Clans 5 but in memory can be use 6 so: go to Data_Buildings.UnitIn1 to any training building and and simlpy select unit to train next go toData_Buildings.UnitOut1 to select unit which popup after training next select time to train:Data_Buildings.UnitTrainingTime1 and this is it about seting all next units only will have change numbers like this Data_Buildings.UnitIn2 /Data_Buildings.UnitOut2/Data_Buildings.UnitTrainingTime2 so next will be 3..4..5..6 the same with other buildings. About summoning more units from BG(battle gear): go to ability of related BG (for example: 230 - ABILITYTYPE_WILDEYE_WILDRHYTHMS or 87 - ABILITYTYPE_NECROMANCER_SPIRITWARRIOR ) then to set max summoned units go Data_Abilities.MaxCreatedUnits then choose spawn unit type Data_Abilities.CreatedUnitType Make New Bg: You need to use : Data_Abilities.Type / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_04 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_05 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_06 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_07 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_08 / ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_09 and ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_00 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_01 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_02 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_03 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_04 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_05 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_06 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_07 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_08 / ZZ_ABILITYTYPE_RESERVE_09 and do exactly the same as the existing ones and then go to:Data_BattleGear.Type / choose one of this BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_00 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_01 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_02 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_03 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_04 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_05 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_06 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_07 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_08 BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_09 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_00 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_01 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_02 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_03 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_04 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_05 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_06 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_07 ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_08 / ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_09 go to Data_BattleGear.AbilityType set and set your maded ability and then goto: Data_Units choose unit you want to add your new bg and go to that unit to section: Data_Units.DefaultBattleGear and set your choosed BG from ( BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_00 / BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_01/ BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_02 /etc. ) Seting population low ,noraml ,high : LOW: Data_Clans.LowUnitCap NORMAL: Data_Clans.NormalUnitCap HIGH: Data_Clans.HighUnitCap Accordingly: 1LINE DRAGON CLAN 2LINE HERO CLAN 3LINE LOTUS CLAN 4LINE SEPENT CLAN 5LINE UNALIGNED mean animals and other units like Nightvol,shale spiders monks,ninja 6LINE WOLF CLAN PEASANT SPAWN RATE: Depends on three coefficients: 1.Data_Clans.MinTimeToCreatePeasant - mean when peasants number is smal they pop up quick 2.Data_Clans.MaxTimeToCreatePeasant - mean when peasants number is big they pop up slow and 3.Data_Clans.FastUnitPercent - and this is percent off first and last unit speed value Visible range of unit : Go to Data_Units select unit and go to Data_Units.LOS and set 1-30 max. this gonna be continued ... Any questions simply ask, I try to answer of course if I know the answer make a colors : need: - any program with color editor RGB like on a pictuere I use photoshop cs also calculator inpicture i show how to make a DARK TURQUOISE this color have value OF RED,GREN,BLUE R 41 G 153 B 153 to calculate right number to put in editor need to do this R 41/255=0,160~ G 153/255=0,6 B 153/255=0,6 next go to editor end put to team colors 1 team 2 team etc. in R 0,160 G 0,6 B 0,6 to get DARK TURQUOISE AND SAVE DONE MAKING AN CREATURES ON A MAP :
  2. This is WIP - if you want to know something more feel free to ask and I'll update this post Alright, so a few recruits pointed out to me that the stats are confusing. I agree, for someone new they can be quite overwhelming. So here are some tips and tricks to find your way around the LotusClan Stats! Okay, so, first thing you'll notice when you open the stats is a list of server categories. Your stats are tracked independently for European and American servers, and for 24 player, 32 player and Arena servers. This list shows top players from each server, and a list of all servers, but that shouldn't bother you too much now. Click the "Search" button at the top and something like this should pop up: Here you can enter your name or Steam ID and select the category you want to see. If you specify "All", you'll end up with a lot of results for your name, because, as I said, the stats are tracked independently for all servers. So, let's say I wanted to look up my stats on 24 player Europe servers... I'd put up "Darwin the Paranoid Android" in the "Search For" field and "24 Players - Europe" as the category. You should see your own stats page, with a lot of confusing little details. Let's look at it piece by piece. First, the Player Information category... Alright, this is the summary of your stats. There are some general info on you on the left side, as well as your total connection time and the weapon you got most kills with. On the right, there's a graph which really doesn't show anything you need to bother yourself with, your total kills, deaths, rounds played, etc. This part is pretty self-explanatory. You can click on "Events" to get details on what you did lately and "Awards" to check out if you did something extraordinary (like, most kills with a weapon in a day). There's also your own chat log - hit "Chat" to bring that up. Next up is the misc stats. The graph which dominates this section is actually pretty helpful - the blue line shows how much you've played in a day, the gray columns shows how much kills you got (if it's in the negative, you had more deaths than kills - step up your game senpai!) and the green line shows your net points change. The ribbons are your awards (for example, "most ubercharges" or "most kills with the ham" in a day) and the rank is purely aesthetic. Under that are aliases you've played under and some stats on them. Nothing really important. Now comes the bulk of your statistics... This shows how much you've played as a single class and what's your best class. More important, on the right side you can see your actions. The number of times you extinguished someone, had a kill assist, dominated someone, airshot something or things like that will show up there. Under that comes the "Map Performance" section. You have specific per-map statistics here, as well as graphs which show where did you score kills (blue dots) or died (red dots) on a map. This can help pinpoint certain places on the map on which you need to work on, or simply, if you're a derp like me, try to make all the dots blend into a purple soup of nothingness. Under this are the weapon statistics. For each weapon you've used, you'll be able to see how many kills you made with them, and how many times you died to them. For some specific weapons you'll be able to see the accuracy as well - I have a pretty shoddy accuracy with the shotgun so we'll ignore that for now. Now, for the questions. As a ______, which stats do I want to pay attention to? Generally, you'll want to look after things you are supposed to be doing. For damage-dealing classes, that should be your KPD (kills per death) and for the Medic that should be your APD (assists per death). There are a lot of class-specific actions too - for examples, if you're a spy, you'll want to check out the backstab count, and if you're a pyro, you'll want to see how many reflect kills you had, etc. How do I get up in the ranks? The exact formula behind the ranking system is somewhat complicated, but you get more points if you kill more skilled players. The system punishes death, so make sure to reduce that. What stats should I get up? Generally, kills and assists If you click on a certain class's name in your stats overview, you can see the best players of that class on the stats. For example, I, as a pyro, want to look up to Mister J who's fourth on the EU 24Player Pyro stats, and I can compare my stats to his to see what do I have to work on. Can I somewhere find in-clan ranks? Of course - Lotus members can click on the "Member of the clan: L" under their name to see the clan stats, and some other clans have that set up too. Currently the best Lotus recruit on 24 players EU is Fever and the best member is Hietha - see if you can top them! Even though it doesn't say so, the recruit and member stats are tracked separately. Where are the global ranks? You can click on the "Players" button at the top to see the top players for each server category. Likewise, from the "Awards" button you can track yesterday's awards and who got most kills with what. Explore and see for yourself I hope this guide helped to clear up the confusion at least somewhat.
  3. Hi this is a tutorial of making maps and for those who can make maps should be also good to increase skills For example I choose 128/128 map size you can se it max to (512/512) Grasslands / Dirt the map will be for two players to rotate the map use RIGHT ALT + AROWS â†â†‘↓→ mouse wheel to zoom If you want to no lose your work after make changes press CTRL+S -quick save -[you can only do that if this gonna be maked: horse spawn point min. 2players start point on flat terrain not in water and not in rice + water with one water point] and make copy of files sometimes WorldMaster crash and thats bad when youar working by map some houers :'(
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