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Becoming A Moderator Or Site Staff

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Site Staff: Site Staff are only appointed by the Site Admins, mainly Lord Zymeth. Site Staff usually work on reporting news, leading forum discussions and adding new content to the site.

NOTE: Being Site Staff does NOT give you Modding capabilites.

Moderators: Moderators are usually appointed by those who are already on staff. Moderators are usually members who show themselves capapble of being Mods. While nobody is perfect, most Mods manage to behave themselves 90% of the time. You have to have good knowledge of the rules, so you'll be able to point out offenses. You'll have to have good knowledge of the forum, so you'll know which threads need to be moved/closed/merged/split or similar. Also, you have to remain active.

Administrators: Although not appointed, they are either owners or extreme helpers to the site (Like help pay hosting fees and are very good friends with staff and are also very respectfull and nice)

Also, it's generally NOT a good idea to ask to be a Moderator/Site Staff. In most cases it will actually decrease your chances of becoming a staff member.

There are 3 Different types of moderators:

Super Moderators:- a step up from the Global mod position. They have more access then Global Mods and have the power to IP ban people. Each Super Mod can moderate anywhere.

Global Mods:- Primarily in charge of one (or more) sections on the forum, they have access to moderate anywhere on the forum. Each global mod is allocated a particular area(s) to primarily look after.

Moderators:- Also known as Section Moderators, they are in charge of a particular section of the site and can moderate only in their assigned sections.

Administrators:- responsible for running the site and keeping everything in order.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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