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Modding Battlereams.dat

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As posted above it can be done with the H2Otool, BUT I tried to do that but the program never repacked my modded files in some files like the Interface.H2O, in others it seem to work fine, dont know why though.

yup... the problem is i tried it with h2otool and even though it packed it "successfully" when i try to enter the game it doesnt enter it give me an error and only when i replace the original interface.h20 with the 1 i built in the interface forder the game works so i have no idea how to make the game work with it...

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As posted above it can be done with the H2Otool, BUT I tried to do that but the program never repacked my modded files in some files like the Interface.H2O, in others it seem to work fine, dont know why though.

I tried to mod Models.H2O, and i get an error (the repacked file is somehow different from the original, though I didn't touch the models). I also posted it in H2OTool topic.

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hi im new here and i´ve learned a little bit modding.i can only mod the keeps and the alchemist hut of the dragons.and now im searching for the dragon value,because i can make o new zen master of him?!and he needs rice water and yang.but theres another problem.i can train him in the alchemist hut but he cant really attack.and he dies very fast.

and i have another question^^.if i train a shale spider in alchemist hut,it will attack me :huh:

and what obaut tarrant?he cant attak too but in the game intro he could^^.and when i try to make a rightklick with mouse (when hes selcted) the game will crash?

Srx for my bad english.im german^^

can any good modder help me pls?

thnx :rolleyes:

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hello!how can I change the training cost? pls PM me.......and thank you for the MOD tutorial,now I get it!!!!I can now change the heroes from keep and trainings.........

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is it possible to change the lotus watchtower's lightning ability's cost or the tower's energy? How so? Buildings doesn't have stamina :(

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not bad :D



How can do it?

You fixed portrait Teppo or portrait uint?

and fix on .TGA or .UVA ?

Please tell me how do that?

im waiting for u

Thanks you

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I am now a little bit modder....

But still,Im having problem with the rice and water cost,I dont know what there codes ,I only know the code 1E 1E(means 30 rice and 30 water),please give me the chart for rice and water cost!

or give me the code for this cost:

5 rice and 5 water

10 rice and 10water

50 rice and 50 water

75 rice and 75 water

100 rice and 100 water

(Just post the codes please,its ok if you dont post it with zeros,I JUST NEED THE CODES PLEASE!!!!)

:( :( :(

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lol.i great





OMG how did you do that?im making a tarrant mod and i need help^^.to attak with orb will be no more prolem with your help.skin is changed and orb works 50 % because the fire comes not.

can you tell me pls how to make a tarrant who can attak like a warlock?

(sry for my bad english im german^^)

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Hi, I have recentley been attempting to mod BR... and have come across something that I need help with!!! anyway here goes...

When trying to edit a Zombies/Shamblers Degeneration Rate from 19-00 or 16-00 or (or to any other figures) I get a crash/fatal error when loading a skirmish game, can someone out there figure out a way to change it so that the zombie/shambler doesnt degenerate!!! please :) you modders out there should see this as challenge... lol good luck! :P

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lol van u did that draogn monument just like i said

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hello every body..

its a great luck to find this website.. now i can play with 30 super grayback( code : 88) at a time.. :P that;s all i wanna do..

i'm wondering guys.. what do u think is the strongest heroes would be?

1. kenji with orb(64)


3.zymeth with orb

grayback can kill zymeth with orb in kenjis journey, but i dont now that grayback could kill dragon kenji or not..

its not important anyway.. im just wondering what all of you guys think? as i'm sure that this website is the place for BR expert :lol:

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Hey modders how do you change the zombies regenaration rate so it wont die? The one summoned by the Necromancer

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Im not used in making tutorials so please bare with me. For me Battle Realms can be widely modded via two files that if you want to be a modder must understand fully, the first one is of course Battle_Realms_F.exe and its dependant dlls namely the scripts folders that contain all the campaigns scripts, you can change some of the game aspect using Ollydbg (a free win 32 aplication debbugger and assembler-dissasembler) and the other file is Battlerealms.dat, like the name said it stores all the data that was compiled and the exe will call it when needing values for the game itself and its internal functions.

This second file is the one we will discuss here.

General Tips


First please download XVI32 a free hex editor from the link:

<a href="http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/free...32.htm#download" target="_blank">http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/free...32.htm#download</a>

Next we need to configure the editor to suit our needs like this:

Go to Tools-->Options-->Appearance and check "Use blank to display control characters", I cant stress this enough since it will make your life easier when you are browsing the file.

If you want to find a section quicker press Crl+F and put whatever you want in the text box, them push "convert text to hex", you will get something like this 42 61 64 08 but to actually find the text fill with 00 like this 42 00 61 00 64 00 08, remember that the text strings are filled with controls characters.

The Windows Scientific Calculator is your best friend if you are not used with hex values.

Then the real works begin, I post a pic to show the data and painted in two colors, red and green, to divide the values in segments that I will explain step by step.


I will begin with the block marked blue, it separates our code data from the previous entry and thus is the beggining of the code we will inspect, the next sections are marked red and green and I will ONLY describe the values of the marked segments starting from the:

Value 00 Entry ID


Dont change this as you can get a crash window.

Value 11 to 74 Building name


Check out for the first 11, its a fixed value that indicate the lenght of the ASCII string, if you change this value you will get an out of memory error. Although in theory it cant be changed is useful whe you want to find a section fast, I will explain the technique later.

Value 7D Model Type


As it name states its the entry for the 3d model to use, you can freely change this value to make your building look like other buildings, even more you can input values from other clans buildings too!

Value 06 Tech Level


Or in other words needed tech level to have the building available, pretty useless as for multiplayers games there dont seem to be a way to set the starting tech level, but for the campaigns maps they are set in each map to disable some buildings at the begginning.

Value 80 to 3F Building`s Armor


This one is a big segment, its holds the Data for the Buildings Armor in the following order Cutting, Piercing, Blunt, Fire, Explosive and Magical. Take a look for the Cutting values and you will see that the data is arranged in this way 80 3F, the first value is the one we want to change. Raising the 80 to its max value FE will make the building extremely vulnerable to cutting attacks, on the other hand lowering to 01 will make it harder to this type of attack and last filling the values with 00 00 will make the building invulnerable to this type of attacks and will display "the selected unit cannot attack this building", that explain why only sledgers can break the pile of rocks blocking your path in the Graybacks journey.

Value 64 to 32 Building Cost and Refund


The first two 64s (100 in decimal) are the hex value for the Rice and Water cost respectively and the followings 32 are the values for the resource refund when you destroy the building, this way you can make your building generate tons of resources with just only rising the values for the refund data.

Value 05 to 19 Unit1 Training


This part is where it becomes more interesting (if you arent tired or bored of reading this yet), I will explain this part to the best I can. The value 05 holds the entry for the unit allowed to enter the building and the next 01 the unit that will generate after the training. Imagine what you can do with this!, make a peasant train in a building and it becomes a Hero unit and even change for other clans units. Well posibly values are:



PUSH 0 Archer

PUSH 1 Chemist

PUSH 2 Dragon Warrior

PUSH 3 Geisha

PUSH 4 Kabuki

PUSH 5 Peasant

PUSH 6 Sumo Canonneer

PUSH 7 Samurai

PUSH 8 Spearman



PUSH 13 Bandit

PUSH 14 Cannoneer

PUSH 15 Crossbowman

PUSH 16 Geisha

PUSH 17 Musketeer

PUSH 18 Peasant

PUSH 19 Raider

PUSH 1A Ronin

PUSH 1B Spirit Warrior

PUSH 1C Spirit Warrior

PUSH 1D Swordman



PUSH 1E Blade Acolyte

PUSH 20 Tausil








PUSH 2A Unclean

PUSH 2B Warlock



PUSH 2C Ballista Man

PUSH 2D Berserker

PUSH 2E Brawler

PUSH 2F Druidess

PUSH 30 Hurler

PUSH 31 Mauler

PUSH 32 Pack Master

PUSH 33 Peasant

PUSH 34 Pitch Slinger

PUSH 35 Sledger

PUSH 36 Werewolf



PUSH 39 Dragon

PUSH 40 Original Prince Taro, crash the game

PUSH 42 Monk

PUSH 43 Nightvol

PUSH 44 Ninja

PUSH 4F Horse

PUSH 53 Zombie



PUSH 55 Arah

PUSH 56 Budo

PUSH 57 Gaihla

PUSH 58 Garrin

PUSH 59 Grayback

PUSH 5A Issyl

PUSH 5B Kazan

PUSH 5C Kenji_Dragon

PUSH 5D Kenji_No Sword

PUSH 5E Kenji_Serpent

PUSH 5F Kenji_Young

PUSH 60 Kenji_2 Dragon

PUSH 61 Kenji_2 No Sword

PUSH 62 Kenji_2 Serpent

PUSH 63 Kenji_Dragon 3

PUSH 64 Kenji one with the dragon

PUSH 65 Kenji_Serpent 3

PUSH 66 Koryl

PUSH 67 Long Tooth

PUSH 68 Necromancer

PUSH 69 Otomo Serpent

PUSH 6A Otomo Dragon

PUSH 6B Shinja Serpent

PUSH 6C Shinja Dragon

PUSH 6D Soban


PUSH 6F Shale Lord

PUSH 70 Utara

PUSH 71 Vetkin

PUSH 72 Zymeth

PUSH 73 Zymeth one with the orb

Forget about the PUSH word (its just that the list was too big that I copy paste from my debbugger doc info) also since the values are arranged in alfabetical order you can fill the missing spaces by yourself. I recommend memorizing this table or have it handy since you will need it if you want to understand how the Keeps summons the Heroes, which units are affected with a certain technique and so on. I may consider the values as ID pointers since the exe calls it whenever a unit is generated.

Returning to the matter at hand, the last 19 is the training time. If you want to make your unit train almost instantly put a 01 here.

Value 08 to 1E Unit 2 Training


Only with data if the building allows more than one training, same as above but for the second training, i.e. the training a chemist do when entering a dojo.

Value 02 to 2D Unit 3 Training


Only with data if the building allows more than one training, same as above but for the third training, i.e. the training a kabuki do when entering a dojo.

Value 10 to 03 Button Upgrades


This data store the internal entry ID for the buttons upgrades available to this building. The value 14 03 refers to the Tempered Steel the only value you can change here is the 14 as the 03 seems to be fixed, the game is very tricky in this part like you can have the same upgrades in every building but for the CURRENT clan only. For example you cant make the Tempered Steel to be available in the Serpent Alchemist Hut but you can have it in a Dragon Bath House. Also this segment works completely different in some buildings, like the Keep, where the upgrades buttons are exchanged for the heroes buttons.

The Dragon Keep


I have seen some people who ask how a Hero can be included in the multiplayer and so on, is really easy, just look at the picture.


You will see the values 69,5B,55,58,6E and 8D and if you see the units table you will find that correspond to Otomo, Kazan, Arah, Garrin, Tao and Teppo in this order. You can freely change this values to make whatever hero or unit to be available at the keep just take notice that the last slot only works for WOTW. I dont know what 80 3F 2D do though.

Value 20 42 Building time


Not quite the truth, it seems more or less to work like the health and stamina regeneration system but the difference that you need a peasant to make it work and the other is automatic. If you want to make your building be constructed "somewhat" faster lower the value 20 to 01. Dont touch the 42 as IS a fixed multiplier and can crash the game.

...to be continued

Since I am a little tired I will continue in the Next Chapter. Then I will explain the buildings pre-requisites, all about the units and techniques, but for the people that dont like to wait I will give you the next addresses.

Here you can see how the data is organized in big chunk of segments and what values correspond to what function. The list of funtions for the buildings begin at the address FC4C2 and the actual data at the adress 133A7C. Investigate them to understand more the code and dont forget to put your findings here.

Could someone please be more specific for the directions in this mod? I'm really trying to understand the directions but it confuses me......please help me.......anyone, please.............let's be simpler for the boy who's an idiot (me)...please

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Someone tried to mod Battlereams.dat in order to Muskeeter with Sniper Scope could to run?

is it possible?

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Well i dont understand the modding, well i just want it easy.. can you tell me slowly step by step how i can just add Kenji 3 (Dragon) in skirmish to the Dragon Clan? No Replaces with other Heroes, i just want him in Skirmish Mode in Dragon Clan, thats it, hope you can help me guys :)

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yes i can tell you how but where you want him trainable? then i can help you

i want him in the normal fortress of the dragon clan thats all :) hmm but by the way can you tell me how to make him with super dragon power too? you know the kenji with the orb around him :D.. how about this, can you tell me how i can create kenji in dragon clan fortress and then how i can send him to the dragon monument in case to set his dragon power free? nice of you to help me thanks man :)

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ok first you cant use the dragon fortress\keep cause its full already what other building you want him to be trainable in dragon monument? besides peasant hut and well and what unit or hero enters and becomes kenji and you can use the kenji with the orb effect

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ok.. then can u replace kazan with kenji 3 (dragon) ? And then make kenji 3 trainable in dragon monument to kenji 3 with the orb?

if this doesnt work then can u just tell me how i can replace kazan with kenji 3 dragon?

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