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Battle Realms MOD Editor V1.01 ( Read Only ) V 1.01

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About This File

SUPER Battle Realms MOD V1


Freeware - Read Only

This MOD write with Program "Battle Realms MOD Editor"

MOD just for clan Lotus ( I Like this Clan ).

I Play this game no with Hero,

but i create simple unit like Hero, so everything is Hero.

I Like MOD because, I can do all in this game when it can't do with Trainer.

with Program "Battle Realms MOD Editor", I can create MOD battle realms with very easy, simple, safe and fun.

With this program, we are able to game much more interesting and much more challenging, because we can set up their own power from each unit, as well as the weapons used from each unit power of destruction is much more powerful.

What Sample MOD:

1. All Building in clan Lotus:

a. no Required.

b. with quick to Build and quick to Train unit.

c. Keep, Town Square, can build more than one.

2. All Unit in clan Lotus:

a. quick to up stamina and health if idle.

3. Modify for Building Lotus Well, with Rice: 50, to quick create this if water is longer :-)

4. Specially building is Lotus Fresh Crucible.

a. Input: Peasant, Output: NightVol.

b. Input: Golem, Output: Hero Teppo ( Powerfull if in Tower )

c. Input: Chaneler, Output: Longtooth

d. Input: Leaf Disciple, Output:Kazan ( Quick fine Horse )

5. Town Square:

a. Input: Peasant, Output: NightVol.

6. Warlock's Tower:

a. Input: Peasant, Output: Teppo

7. Unit to change to be Hero:

1. Leaf Disciple:

a. longger target to shoot.

b. more stamina and more health, more strong in battle.

2. Unclean One,

a longger target to shoot.

b. more stamina and more health, more strong in battle.

3. Specialy for Nightvol (Special unit in this time in this MOD):

a. can train more than one, Train Peasant to Fresh Crucible

b. can be healthed by channeler.

c. Quick up Stamina and health if idle.

8. Lotus WatchTower, you can get total 200 Watch Tower if Build:

a. Keep : 70

b. Peasant Hut : 15

c. Town Square : 35

d. Aviary : 10

e. Blade Garden : 10

f. Crypt Brother : 10

g. Forge : 10

h. Stable : 10

i. Training Yard : 10

j. Warlock's Tower : 10

k. Well : 10

9. All Clan for total unit to play in Low ( 50 ), Medium ( 100 ) and High ( 250 ) can to 999999 much more maybe :-).

10. Change Color to in this MOD

What's New in Version V 1.01   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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