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About This File

If any of you noticed, I based these mods from Shinmen‘s Powered-up Mod of gaming territory so I’ll include him as my co-modder.Main changes:

*Upgraded all Heroes & tier units‘ attack types

*Increased all Heroes & some units hp,armor,hp & stamina regen and movement speed.

*All units have yin/yang damage bonus.Tier units w/ yin/yang damage multiplier are guardian2,ballistaman,d.one,&raider.

*Changed all assigned starting army units and max population limit.

*Assigned & changed some innate abilities for all units. Ex:


Otomo innate-guardian,enforcer,b.acolyte,&werewolf

*Added training paths for certain tier units into heroes,special units(ex:hordeling...),female units,monk/ninja & other clan‘s tier units/heroes in your specific structures except peasant huts or wells w/c doesn’t provide training time. They can also acquire BGs that I had assigned to them w/c I think will best suit them for your clan. I applied some logic & analogy in their training paths w/c will give you some clue in finding them.

Example:archer->Dmonument->Arah, Kwarrior->townsq->dKenji1->Dmonument->dKenji4,Dwarrior->bathouse->dKenji2, spearman->townsq->monk->Dmon->Tao,


fan geisha->Nthrone->Utara,bandit->townsq->sKenji1->sKenji3,raider->bathouse->sKenji2

crossb.->townsq->ninja->Nthrone->Tao, ...




WARNING:Don’t train your keep heroes into version2(ex:yvaine->yvaine2) because you can never summon them again from this bldg.

My 2 mods were exactly the same except their large startup army where hmodmu2 have no peasant,only heroes so it will be a deathmatch. Please don’t try to quit the hmodmu2 large army fight ‘cause the game will crash. In some occasion even if the battle was successful,it will crash at the record counting so don’t get pissed.

In my nxt update, I’ll try to double all heroes hp and 50% for tier units and bldgs to prolong the gameplay & give more time to manage your units. I would have done so in this mod but I forgot the formula in converting decimal no.s to hex. I’d rather try a hex converter.

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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