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  1. MadRussian

    Donor Help Thread

    I seem to have lost my donar perks I was playing on 2fort United States and the menu command would not work and I did not have a party hat. Please help. I donated to get 3 months and that was in March. It has only been 1 month.
  2. MadRussian

    Donor Help Thread

    Greetings, I recently have stopped playing WoW and have taken up TF2 in an effort to have fun and vent my frustrations from work. I have started playing on your servers and have been having a great time so i decided to donate to show my appreciation. I donated the $25 for 3 months of killing fun on all your wonderful servers. My payment is still in processing, but I thought I would post and list my screen name and steam id in case problems arose. [TBT] MadRussian steam_0:0:2457487