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  1. oh! I used to learn french but now I forgot all. hehe!
  2. kooseng

    Death Clock!

    http://www.deathclock.com/ It's so interesting. just click over, u will know the day of your death Don't be serious!
  3. สวัสดี = read it is sawaddee (its meaning is same hello)
  4. lates game! after i get lose from sora. hehe!
  5. kooseng

    Chi Shield

    yes, I use Chi Shield of Dargon warriors in front of my army while Sumo attacking opponent behind with Periah Peak map and some map. it's so great,i think.
  6. Noob's victory!!! haha! scare to duel! haha
  7. Dragon clan is cool! if u play a long time game... by not rush
  8. yeah, i was playing in Thai Cyber Game Server! Server name : ThaiCyberGames.Com + GNZ Host name : Time zone: 7 By the way,we played 1.20a version. T T it's old patch but it have no problem! that host is so quickly no lag i'm sure. *can't cheats because all players must open anti-hack program for playing every time. yeah ,it makes I like it so much! haha! ************************ There were a lot of thai players played in. Experts Newbies ,Both are in... players more 350-400 up if u are in asia u can play without lag i think so! more in fo go there --> http://www.thaicybergames.com/
  9. 18 My name in gamespy is [TH]BAS
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