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  1. masterlotuslovebr

    Coincidence? Battle Realms Characters Found In Other Media

    I've always thought that the Lotus Clan are somehow inspired by the Egyptians and Mayans. In Egyptology, in the beginning, a Lotus surfaced the black water, and then the Sun god Ra (Re) came out of it.
  2. masterlotuslovebr

    Zymeth Journey

    They should name the third story something like RISE OF THE LOTUS CLAN or something like that. The story would take place before the Winter of the wolf obviously... STORY: A time where Zymeth still has long black hair, and it should tell the story of how he succeeded as the leader of the new Lotus Clan, how he managed to lead this new clan to the Serpent's land, how he crawled his way to earn the trust of the Serpent Rulers... And probably a detailed story of the tree of corruption. CHARACTERS: Well, for the Wolf clan they can introduce the leader Blackbone and his Family... There's a lot of potential new characters for Serpent/Dragon Clan like the previous leaders of that time and the Elemntal Monks, then in Lotus, probably the old ISSYL before he was cursed by time, and other scholars that were not mentioned.
  3. masterlotuslovebr

    Concept Art

  4. masterlotuslovebr

    Concept Art

    Im not really sure if you're gonna enjoy this painting that i did. It's a warlock, and to put in concept, the 4 tentacles like that grew on it's back are actually bones that are gonna develop into an arm when he becomes a master warlock. http://www.mediafire.com/?637d51brfafuxfb
  5. masterlotuslovebr


    you can create a werewolf by blessing one berserker. (the fastest 4th tier unit to have among the other clans) Werewolves are 4th tier units of the wolf clan, the strongest of their soldiers. its inate ability allows it to boss around wild wolves in the forest, and the wolves follows him. he can regenerate to full health. it says on the Unit info of this site, it doesn't have any weakness. in combat if the werewolf has it's battle gear on, and the werewolf kills it's enemy, the enemy transforms into a wolf
  6. masterlotuslovebr

    Hero War

    speed, power, scouting ability lotus has it
  7. masterlotuslovebr

    Arah Or Longtooth?

    Oh yeah, i totally agree!
  8. masterlotuslovebr

    Favorite Race

    yeah they're slow probably because their body isnt for building... so on the begginning stage where you construct buildings, you'll have surprise attacks
  9. masterlotuslovebr

    Which Clan Is Your Weakness?

    yeah, they're rivals in the game, but they become difficult opponents if they are your mission
  10. masterlotuslovebr

    Next Br....

    yeah.. you see the lower screen when you select a peasant... where you can select buildings to construct and actions to perform... i noticed that all clans haven't maximized the building menu yet, so there's probably space for new buildings.
  11. masterlotuslovebr

    Favorite Clan

    yep, lotus got some cool stuff, they eat their peasants, andfire breathing horse.
  12. masterlotuslovebr

    New Clan And Hero Ideas

    or like what i was thinking, if they're gonna make a BR2, i thought it should be about TAO. how a war begun between monks and ninjas. how TAO became a monk and ninja. And what is his real story, so it's gonna be an in depth concept of YIN and YANG... so i was thinking that there's a whole clan of ninja's and a whole clan of monks...
  13. masterlotuslovebr

    Battle Realms Facts

    Yeah i ddint know that stuff too
  14. masterlotuslovebr

    Units In Watchtowers

    i remember Zymeth calling a storm then putting him on the watch tower for additional line of sight, so he can hit enemy's with lightning. and also, the necromancer to raise all the dead ones near the watch tower.
  15. masterlotuslovebr

    Use Of The Dragon

    it calls the spirit of the dragon. use it on enemy units and not buildings