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  1. you know, there is a mod out there that contains the black and white colors. what ive found best about the color white is that you can't tell wether they are units or rice. ive dueled with a friend once, using the mod,(WE ALSO USED FOG OF WAR REMOVER) and it was pretty tricky to tell which where rice and which were not. especially if his units would stand still. he would like sneak up on me when i wasn't looking and then move his units near the rice paddy nearest to my base. then he would distract me with his other units causing me to attack at the front, then he would attack me with his other units near the rice from behind.
  2. Guys, I've found it: Wolf clan is the fastest in terms of gathering rice and water. They can obtain a well right after building a peasant hut. Wolf clan is also the fastest to spawn their units. The wolf clan may not be the fastest, but their stamina makes up for it. The werewolf is the fastest unit in the wolf clan. The serpent clan on the other hand, has THE fastest units. The first tiers are really fast. The swordsman's innate is evasion making him less likely to get hit by ranged projectiles. Raiders are very useful in scouting cause of their speed and their innate. They have the fastest zen master. So, I'm basically saying: Wolf clan is the fastest clan in production and gathering resources. The serpent clan has the fastest units in battle realms. And since the serpent clan's totem is a serpent, you need to expect some speed and agility in this.
  3. O.o im so stupid! lol!!! i didn't see that one coming. rofl. haha.
  4. They should also add more audio for the shale lord. Did you know that the shale lord has only 4 lines and no battle cry? "i serve" "i obey" "if i must" "yes, master"
  5. the berserker has no weakness: check the website and look for berserker http://www.battlerealms.cc/content/units/wolf/wolf2.php i think the shale armor is what you mean. When a berserker equips the shale armor, he becomes resistant to certain types of attacks save blunt, which can shatter the shale armor weakening him.
  6. Many people say that the wolf and serpent are the fastest clans. But which is faster? I need some answers from people who don't think, but know literally which clan is the fastest. The creators never posted anything about speed, but you can easily tell that the Lotus clan is the slowest since their stamina runs out too quickly.
  7. it worked! what is it for anyway?
  8. It's in the net. just search. I got mine from a friend. You can get one on mediafire for free.
  9. think of it this way: dragon monument: costs yang and 4 samurai necromancer: costs 4 ronin werewolf: requires only 1 berserker master warlock: requires 2 warlocks the most costly is the dragon monument. It just wastes too much. Plus it's a 1 time only attack, then you'll have to start all over again with the yang and samurai. In my opinion, it's better to keep those precious yang and samurai. They can be of more use in the battlefield. But on the looking on brighter side, the dragon's monument can still save a lot of bloody clashes. the necromancer is the strongest. Can't deny that. It's got a lot of health, it summons spirit warriors, and can start a zombie apocalypse. You probably know that zombies have incredible high damaging attacks. But they slow down your army and need to be constantly healed. the werewolf is the fastest unit in wolf. It's stamina is tough and doesn't wear out that easily. It's bg is a critical strike (you probably know how that works) and it's innate is alpha wolf, In which the werewolf can obtain two wolves, from the den or wild. Most wolf clan users like to bless the berserkers just before it dies so it can transform into a full health werewolf. the master warlock is down-right deadly against buildings and has a powerful ranged attack. However, the master warlock is not very good at hand-to-hand combat. Still, it's life bar is tough, and is one of the most feared units in the lotus clan. A friend of mine used 7 warlocks to destroy a whole base. Works! the most cheapest lvl 4 is the werewolf. It doesn't require much. the most expensive take is the dragons monument. the second most expensive is the necromancer. the affordable one is the master warlock.
  10. Tip: Never ever rain your Dragon spirit on a shaled wolf army. Trust me, it's a waste of yang and samurai. Since shale is 50% protective against magic. The dragon spirit's attack is magic. Yeah. i agree. the dragon spirit is like a large army of samurais using the harakiri effect. half of it's attack is magic, the other half is explosive.
  11. Otomo used to be my first, But it seems like everyone loves Arah, So... ladies first!
  12. Yeah i agree with you entirely. And by the way, your english is very good (in case you didn't know) and your mistakes are just too small (micro small) to be noticed. Even the dumbest american will understand you.
  13. I think the new version should contain more graphics and a higher definition as well. The audio and mobility of the characters (main and not) should improve, new units and zen masters might be good. But all in all, The new version must NOT destroy the game's general feeling.
  14. Exactly. Although I have a couple of 3rd tiers and 4th tiers in my ranks, half of my army usually consists of 2nd tier units.
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