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  1. Yo, i like the ninja art. Can you send it to my email pls? Or atleast give me a link? My email is remus552@yahoo.com

  2. I like the guardian from wotw i like his accent
  3. I finished all the campaigns. The serpentholm levels can get pretty hard though. Graybaks journey was far too easy though.
  4. I voted for the samurai its seppuku is good
  5. You probably already know this but if you have a group of soldiers and a peasant in it. If you click on the horse your peasant will try to tame it but your soldiers will kill it.
  6. I have been playing with for the wolf and i have found out how powerful the totem is. PROS: Doesn't drain stamina Can act as a guard. It reveals the fog of war around it. Can change the tide of a battle. Ideas: Defence:Make about 4 ballistamen with totem BG and launch them around the entrances to your base. When the enemy troops come they will be weakened and you watchtowers will kill them.Remember to send some troops For support. Keep the ballistamen who have launched a totem alive because if they die the totem gets destroyed. Offence: Launch a totem before you attack use the totem to see what troops around. send your troops to the totem and hold their ground. Send a level 1 unit and attack their buildings after they send their units to kill the level 1 unit make him or her run to you group of units their troops will get slaughtered. So remember if your playing wolf use the totem remember that.
  7. I have only versed one person dark kabuki and he beat me.
  8. warlock kenji

    Good Or Bad?

    I voted for 1 because ive never versed you plus i think its funny.
  9. The serpent is pretty good against the lotus if it werent for the crossbow and musketeer and now im a swords man.
  10. The lotus watchtowers and the serpents are the best. I was versing this guy and he sent all ronins so my lightning from the watchtower slaughtered his team. Oh and by the way did you know the lightning doesnt just take health out of one unit.
  11. I wouldnt consider this a cheat but the thing is get 2 or more unclean ones with flaming skull.Make one unclean launch a skull while he spits into his sling fire the other skulls you should have more then one and only one is allowed active.
  12. 1.battle realms 2.empire earth 3.red alert 2 As you can see im a big fan of RTS games.
  13. I have red alert 2 its ok but i prefer battle realms.The thing is theres no strategy you just mass in any unit and destroy there base.
  14. Can i join someones clan i dont really know how to so if you know can you please to tell me.
  15. I might be able to help can you just quickly tell me how big,close e.t.c you want it.
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