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  1. Hi im makink a guild/team and i need ppl, if you are interested visit my profile.

  2. ive heard it but i dont know where it comes from...maybe they took out the cinematic which corresponds with the dialogue
  3. it is shale lord or arah after vetkin, koril may run fast but not as fast as them
  4. i vote arah, she has range like no other unit in the game
  5. hmm not bad...i started reading it, so far so good
  6. cannons with smoke bombs ftw..it greatly lowers the damage of the enemy and make them stop wat they r doing too..so i vote for cannons
  7. kenji=u start with him otomo=if ur serpent u get him after second lvl, if ur dragon u get him after the first lvl shinja=u get him after the third lvl vetkin=u get him after the third lvl in the middle if ur serpent garrin=u get him after the third lvl in the middle as dragon arah=get her to the west after the third lvl kazan=get him at the swans pool as dragon budo=get him after the swans pool if u chose the middle or the east side as serpent koril=get this guy as serpent if u choose the lotus province after serpentholm soban=get this guy as dragon if u choose the lotus prvince after serpentholm, u gotta go to the big mountain south of the place gaihla=get her in the middle province after serpentholm as dragon utara=im sure u get her somehow after the first serpentholm but idk how tao=get this dude if u choose the ninja province after the second serpentholm as dragon necromancer=get this OP dude after the lvl u chose after serpentholm hope this helps u
  8. my favorite clan is serpent cause they got necromancer which is the perfect defense aginst AI's, my second choice would be wolf clan cause of grayback and shale lord,then dragon, then lotus
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