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    • Ok tnx. ¬† ¬† ¬† But when it comes to your shinja it's diffrent. ¬† ¬† It looks like the one in story mode. Where can I go in situvn to make¬†that changes? ¬†And how can I do that in my own mod using situvn. ¬† ¬† ¬† I just want to copy your character skins just like in your video
    • I improwed my mode and also get menu bug's on time past by, so I show all in video 2:15 all kanji's are trainable to others clan heroes first form Kenji to otomo , Kenji after death go to second fom of Kenji¬† form you can train in keep on arah one so on then 2:28 in town Square to get Yvanie or Sonam or longhtoot afterward go higher form, 8:34 I show after death forms on Kenji 5 form serpent without shirt you can give him power wrong girls druidess and other girls to greyback shinja or zymeth, Graybck kanalso the same on 3 form zymeth also on second form , shinja can't . To get such a wolf logo in cap of Graybck need hd switch and also prepared with Photoshop graphic to add, also in options game hd and high details and also to exactly displayed in game main folder ini file set your desktop resolution set eg.1366/768 need to be manually writed and saved
    • Gregor how can I use the shinja skin that you have on this mod? ¬† ¬† I mean mine shows only brown sword case but yours also have the team color. ¬† ¬† Also your grayback has a wolf logo on his cape. How is that? How can I do that and what tools do I need to use? ¬† Thank you ^^
    • Hi guys I finally find out why AI not deploying Necromancer...it take me so may times to try. all you have to do is open data editor and go to Data_UnitToWarPartyEffectiveness select Type 50, 51, 52 and set value for each columns like assault,raiding,defense..etc (in this case number means possiblities, if you set higher the unit will be more common AI use it) In doing so, you will find out AI will add Necromancer into their troop. The reason why AI will not bulid necromancer is because the Type 51(zombie) , 52 (spirit warrior) all the column number are zero, which make AI not deploying..
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    • PCs Headshoot

      Hey Friends, i found a bundle of the campaign maps, so i thought it would be cool to play on those in skirmish mode. I'm working on the serpent holm map for 5 players (maybe ffa, 2vs3, 2vs1vs1). Still need a lots of work, but i'm happy with what i have so far.

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    • PCs Headshoot

      Hey Guys, here's a list of Battle Realms maps im working on from time to time (updated).
      upcoming new maps (no released files yet)
      Caves                      (8 players / giant size)          progress : 50% Feengrotten             (4 players / medium size)      progress : 60% Steps of the Gods     (2 players / medium size)      progress : 40% Spring of Life           (5 players / large size)           progress : 20% Kenjis Decision         (6 players / large size)           progress : 20% Hephaestus Mines     (4 players / medium size)      progress : 10% (nearly) finished maps
      Darwinism                (2 players / medium size)  Ancient Cemetery      (2 players / small size) Thuringian Abbey      (4 players / medium size) Smugglers Hideout    (2 players / tiny size) Frozen Souls             (6 players / small size) Broken Friendship      (2 players / medium size)
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    • D-Bee

      Hi. How's it going in here? I've been great. Moved back out to sunny San Diego, built some pharmaceutical robots for a bit, and now I'm designing the next great board game and loving life. Hope you're all doing well.
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    • Mana

      Here and there ūüôą
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    • koKo_

      Shit where did everyone go
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