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Update 1.57.8 - Crash Patches & Balance Tweaks.

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Greetings, warriors!

A new update aimed at improving the gameplay experience is now out. Let's see what's this all about.

1.57.8 Changelog:

  • We've sorted out the crashing issues related to multiplayer games (see below).

  • Added a new mini-map fix toggleable in Battle_Realms.ini (configuration file). You can find it under the [VideoState] section of the .ini file.
    [VideoState] MinimapAlt = 1
    It is optional, generally you would want to use it if you experience critical mini-map problems related mainly to modern GPUs' lack of DX7 support.


  • Players joining Steam MP rooms won't see any room information or chats until the joining is complete (Stability Fix).

  • Joining process regarding Steam MP has been greatly improved. The game will no longer crash when starting an MP match, and it will handle multiple players joining at once better than it used to.

  • Fixed FPS issues related to Musketeers attacking terrain or trees.


    Balance Tweaks:

  • Straight line projectiles won't be affected by height advantage/disadvantage. This means units with missile weapons that fire projectiles in a straight line (warlocks, musketeers etc.) will deal the same damage no matter the height difference.

  • Dragon Spearman: The piercing animations (when not on horse) are now more frequent and deal more damage.
  • Dragon Battle Maiden: Mirror image BG won't count as population.
  • Serpent Swordsman: The piercing damage animation will now have less of a chance to play.
  • Serpent Fan Geisha: if Razor Fan BG is activated, they won't automatically heal units unless manually ordered to.
  • Serpent Necromancer: Necromancer will now deal blunt damage as he was always supposed to.


  • Improved auto-healing behavior for Geishas. If their target is already on full health, Geishas won't waste a healing animation on them (this is convenient when sending multiple geishas to heal a single unit and all of them performing the healing animation).
  • Pack Wolves will follow Wolf Pack Master's moving behavior (if PM walks, wolves walk too, same with running).
  • Blinded units won't respond to missile attacks or scan for targets.
  • All non-Lotus units riding Shadow Steeds won't regenerate hit points.
  • Fixed some exploits that allowed all peasants to skip horse taming animations.
  • Fixed a leftover-bug that applied BG damage to horses twice.
  • Fixed Serpent Clan population bug that occurred when players reached maximum population when having Necromancer created zombies.
  • Fixed a bug that gave peasant generation rate a small boost every time a zombie died.
  • UnitAI: Improved pathing when chasing a target.
  • AI peasants will not go back to their original base if they had to relocate, AI will even destroy some buildings to relocate them to a new location.
  • If AI is being attacked and outnumbered, it will call upon their closest ally AI for aid.
  • If outnumbered AI will rush to defend its base (before that, the AI armies would just peacefully stroll back, oftentimes to an absolutely disintegrated base).
Miscellaneous info:


Join the official server for the game, the universe and the community if you haven't. Discord has proven to be a very helpful and fun program to use for us (as developers), so we're quite keen on maintaining our server.

Populated by nearly 4000 warriors, it is a solid communication bridge between us and all of you.
If you're having issues, planning to report a bug or just want to learn something new about the game and communicate with other fans or even developers -- we'd like to see you there, come around!

Follow Battle Realms:
Stay tuned for more updates!

- The Battle Realms Team

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