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  1. So long I'm not login yet since january ..... But Budo's slave driver is very BULLSHIT !!!!
  2. Ya..you can say this picture is good or no, but I just ask you, "Where Can I Get Battle Realms Version?" If those of you who know it, please tell me A.S.A.P.
  3. Yeah, that's up to you.. Now, where can I get it?? :angry:
  4. adelide

    Br Mod

    Yes, and you're my friend cause we're from Indonesia too!!
  5. What do you mean in OLD VERSION? I think this picture is cooler than WOTW!!
  6. Just one question from me... Where can I get Battle Realms Beta Version or Battle Realms Designer Diary? I already saw the picture, and it's very cool, but HOW CAN I GET IT??? Answer A.S.A.P.
  7. Wow, are you sure?? When can I get it??
  8. cool work, dude! But Kenji3 yours isn't Kenji one with the Dragon
  9. Berseker, of course. His BG to transform him into Werewolf is more stronger than Samurai's BG!!
  10. I choose Serpent. Bow to the Serpent !!
  11. Infested one, of course. He get worms!!
  12. Dragon&Serpent:Combination Kenji-Otomo-Shinja-Arah Wolf:Combination Grayback-Longtooth Lotus:Combination Zymeth-Issyl
  13. Hey, you can find it in Kenji's Texture Pack 1.00, and Kevlahnota's mod 2.00. Please go to Forum, and select lounge. You can find it.... (But some heroes would removed..)
  14. Not bad , good strategy, eh?
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