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  1. i'll try this mod. thank's for share..
  2. Surabaya, Indonesia..
  3. wanna play BR again..

  4. My old question, here, but no one know. I'm still waiting for the answer...
  5. Ha.. ha.. ha.. Correction : All sane people in the worl know that isF**Kel have no any land, they capture from PALESTIN. I'm not ARAB, I am INDONESIAN. Specified : JAVA ISLAND --> EAST JAVA --> SURABAYA (d'HERO CITY), born & grow there. Than,, how if I say that ... I . A.M . H.A.M.A.S, HAMAS from INDONESIA, so I care bout my self & my brothers. Hua.. ha.. ha... OK, this is BR forum, not political forum. CASE CLOSED!!!
  6. Mmmm... sorry before if we have different judgments. My sig, my scratch, will moved if isF**Kel was move from the holy land Palestin. WHAT HAPPENED IN GAZA ? Thousands of my brothers was killed by isF**Kel, and only isF**Kel the real terrorist who should be eliminated from the world. Our world is one and only, why didnt make it peace & harmony... Just fight,, just make any war,, only here,, in Battle Realms! Tkanks.
  7. What's wrong with dragon warrior?
  8. Water area must be can passed by any unit. Use Smooth Height (press F4) to any water/lake.
  9. Wow... I must try this mod.
  10. Both... Ninja & Monk, Yin & Yang, Right & Left,,,
  11. Hmmm... fun mod, ONE SHOT ONE KILLL!
  12. Don't use Hurler, Ballistaman more more better with King of d'Mountain, Eagle's Eye, and Shale Armor, plus 1 wolf in his side.
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