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  1. Ahahaha Karamahin dito mga taga ibang bansa yung mga gumagawa.
  2. If 1v1 Ninja vs Monks i use monks but for Battle realms game i choose Ninja for sneakkyyyy.
  3. If there Will be A BR2 please put a Zymeth Journey to know how zymeth became a powerful and Scared at the Serpent Clan.. ^^.. I`LL Wait for BR2 More Power.
  4. I`ll wait for BR2 because i think There will be a Zymeth Journey ^^..
  5. You`re right wildeye The wolf clan is strong in Razing,
  6. i vote for kabuki because of his style and ballistaman is strong for range but if he`s attack by a melee he toasted.
  7. i`m getting lazy just can someone make a video.
  8. you`r right gregor. but necro can only summon 3 spirir war. if the batte is 1v1 only..
  9. For me is grayback because that kenji weakness and we know that kenji is powerful and he can kill zymeth too for melee because zymeth strong in range and weak in melee if zymeth use Heavy rain Grayback use Wolf howl so that will be fair.
  10. The otomo betrayed with that wolflings. But i like it too because when shinja appears. ''A prize for a man who takes otomo`s head"
  11. pack master and brawler..
  12. look in here http://www.battlerealms.cc/content/units/wolf/wolf2.phpyeah even tougher with shale armor but for me is Lycanthrophy i will use it if my berserker is low life.
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