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  1. Modding Battlereams.dat

    I really don't know maybe is the way to do this.
  2. Modding Battlereams.dat

    I know how to change voice of charters I do in my last mode I also change some game saunds like Yin Yang sound I do Thierry long time a go I only remember that I use be editor and also H20 tool to repack files About the Six's unit in keep that's depends from clan only dragon may have 6
  3. powerof zymeth 170 innate of keji buuf 65 set 10 to evry hit
  4. Yes, at this moment ,I know in the past how but at this moment I have to check it to remind my self.
  5. This nice I all time think that should be this way great discover mayby if I may hava time to bring back to 1,5Q wersion but I am not sure if this possible but I have some ideas, Some where in my cpu I have this wersion of game and for sure I have to look it closer
  6. Modding Battlereams.dat

    Use SITUVN BR editor you can find here in forum,changing hd mode is in 1st left column with name game load could be chenge models laod from 2 to 0, after this you should check in section ,,units'' textures mask sheet that ,,names '' means what looks like will be the unit so your work here is to find if you remove from wolf a teksture ora change that to look the wolf like spirit wolf
  7. Modding Battlereams.dat

    I think it's should be able to do by modifying the textures like in case with grayback middle, in originally form he is all white by same corrections he get back like he should look texture. Tips are : 1.set game to hd mode 2.remove or replace other different textures To check if it works.
  8. Ok , I tell you I already show it in this video in 8:36 min. I move pointer one by one thru the characters of Grayback it's start from first form and after dead first form transform to next level form one by one to stronger form It's made for multi player mode :), not for campaign.
  9. Hi hello greatings all best
  10. MOD MADE to ask pugak04

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Dragon: samurai-->train in royal academy for 1000rice 500water-->kenji(peasant looking)-->train in dragon monument for 1000rice 500water-->kenji(one with the dragon) Serpent: ronin-->train in assassins den for 1000ric 500water-->kenji(with gun)-->train in necromancers throne for 1000rice 500water-->kenji(one with the serpent) Wolf: change grayback at the keep into the grayback(ending vs yvaine) for 1000rice 500water 2yangs Lotus: zymeth-->train in warlock tower for 1000rice 500water-->zymeth(one with the orb) yvaine-->train in warlock tower for 1000rice 500water-->yvaine(one with white wolf skull) wolf: werewolf-->train in forest temple for 1000rice 500water--> nightvol lotus: master warlock--> train in flesh crucible for 1000rice 500water-->nightvol
  11. You know what I teach autor of this vide in past of moding this game what do you have to know is to put in column create efect on target and choose an efect in second ability in new bg eg. ability 226 /create magic on target put new empty ability nad in column create efect on target choose an efect to work precisely what you want use some alredy made bg and on the existing bg you can make your own in epty one slots. My advice is the easy one would be to use Yvanie ability to make snow bg and to make electric shock only can make Id of zymeth unit number + storm master BG
  12. some time it hapens in my old mod also he this problem try to combine with the stats to find the reason of that bug
  13. Battle Realms win10

  14. Battle Realms win10

    From this link you should download whole the game