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  1. parabably I have the fie in my pc must find...
    concept of portal men : hiden paths betwean the wilige
  2. in the Br.editor in menu is text editor lte ther you should edit lte files
  3. first for all text should be changed in br text editor and save it not in a notepad
  4. prabably you make mistake with folders, to make description Bg you have to use non used from heroes seconfd tooltip forme work fine like in the picture
  5. do not conwert back gain to H2O put in main file directory in free way but dont forgot to make folder root's eg. intefeace / console / comapiled list.lte
  6. I know , you must remove old ones and put new ones with the name of old ones
  7. inewery buildind is unlock bulding and there youcan set a wachtowers and number how many
  8. no you can youit all only cancelament or teleport btw concelament is complicated and cant by edited
  9. ready ninja bg normal to teleport if still gonabe not work remowe seting concalment to 0 Battle_Realms.dat
  10. I hava lots of mod and I lost mater which one is which only have some folder with all mods nad that one was only on time download and they want to be at least 1 time at mont if not they deleate the file the Bg you made must only teleport or somthinh more I remember the teloport could work only when only teleporting unit if you add some thing more it will not teleport advice rewrite all setings from orginal tweleport and test it is stil not work oder wise change ability ; this should help
  11. fi I am good remember try with efect first and second this should by add
  12. sory dont hava time to play with teh sceen shots
  13. I forgot that, to slowe somre of you mentioned problems is upgrade to lotus tower eg. if you upgrade the bulding will have abiliti from lotus only towers rest of abilitis like crypt of brother only can by used like traning bulding with brother to train from peasent keep should be editable heros but stay only 5
  14. http://www112.zippyshare.com/v/nxxkicEw/file.html link to unpacker H2o files when you unpack h20 files find folder text then open Br Editor and find in menu tools texst editor open then it unpacked folder text file Console_Tooltips.lte then select in editor which you want to use of wich hero Data_Units.TooltipDesc2 this number response in game description and have desription to free edit For example, 541 second console tooltip from zymeth unit section( secon tooltips are free to use) you ned to put this nuber to shinja tooltip and edit description in text editor open file Console_Tooltips.ltethen edit description response to second tool tip of zymeth description edit to (Lord Ojia) dotn foget to save and text folder from H20 file should be in geme puted exactly there where was unpacked