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  1. Hi, helo to operate bulding icons you need to use name in EDITOR : Data_Buildings replace necro throne name to:( Lotus\Lotus_Button_Warlocks_Tower.UVA)
  2. I remember onnly swap ID the nummber of unit kenji 100 to 8 pesant change the place of numers
  3. that wha it's hapening in this game you modifiy some thin and you may not have else things to slove this you have to chek posibilitis if tahat is pssible to slove, also you can make new bg and make them exactly like teleport of Koril then equip the to your needs but not always all goes like you plan and this need tests and corections
  4. Hi, i don Hi I dont make a mod's why bc Icant finish mine answer what I remember to make what you need is swap Id of Bg zen arows to warlok sipon or meake new and set to aviable from sfirine rest of bg you have to edit by your self to make it esasier to you read first page of this topic and use may mod's any , I use there lots of that things what you mentioned above , good luck in your research @step by step to much beter by when you make test and tell where you stuck in mod.
  5. should be in abilities necromancer raise dead column '' Range '' if nothing change prabbly is deep decode in exe file
  6. b but , lmd of unit models files are diseapear ? strange after unpack
  7. Did you find the models file I cant find it
  8. Amazing .... the download link to game https://firedrop.com/c22d2a027dd2c291563bfc2ba6660d4c also it looks like the gam was made on Br
  9. cool thats good news
  10. Hi, what I know in the past that thing with br. exe file was done with those difference the exe file have disable the fog of war , so prabably yes, by the way this could bring to as users looking that posobility to play in this mode so i think it's good.
  11. Do you have english wer. of a game or version is in different language than english ? because thtat may be te problem I not notice any error in tree games any other mods work normally?
  12. mayby your problemis you dont have latest wersion of a game you should have 1.50q to check wer. of a game go in main menu multiplayer lan picture of wer how this should look
  13. i dont know I not notice an error btw, give second file maby some thing is with the file Battle Realms.rar
  14. Beceause he ,your brother must also have this mod --><-- ,the Wolf clan have have strongest hero grayback End Game he looks the same like norml grayback but is stronger
  15. F1690_BattleRealms.dat