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News Of The Realms - Patch 1.56 is in the works.

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Greetings from the team!

The work on Battle Realms is ongoing, we are fully focused on recovering the multiplayer, and there are no plans to stop any soon.

First things first, we'd like to thank everyone again for the overwhelming support you've shown since the first launch on Steam. It really means a lot to us, and we will reciprocate by bringing a better game to all of you.

The updates are scarce and the work is generally slow since we're a small team at the moment, but what matters here is that we're moving things forward and are eager to release a new update that is 1.56.

We can't say when it's going to be out yet, but we are sure you will have a better multiplayer experience. ;)

Aside from that, expect more fixes and improvements as well as a significant gameplay change - Unit Collision.

Patch 1.55 has introduced a change to collision that prevented units from being shifted or stacked together (in each other).

This is how it was in 1.50q (Winter Of The Wolf) :

Why was that done? Here's a reply from Ed Del Castillo:

The soul of Battle Realms was always to draw from real life. This is a clear abuse and was never intended to work that way.

As we begin to create the Battle Realms we should be about fixing broken issues rather than allowing them to persist because people are used to them.

It was never my vision to have units stacked on one another and I would like it fixed.
Therefore, that unit stacking won't be in the game from now on.

However, the team understands the importance of having units close to each other and that the default game behavior may've also been extreme in a way, that's why the general collision has been readjusted.

What does that mean? The units will be closer to each other by default. This may be adjusted further based on the overall feedback.

You will be able to test this when the update 1.56 is out. We will be eagerly awaiting any feedback on that.


Remember that you can always help us out by testing the current build of the game (1.55 - Steam) and reporting any strange occurences.

You can do that in:

Here's some more useful links:

Till the next update!

- The Battle Realms Team


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