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    • The new kitchen, mostly. I just need to do the wiring and fix the lighting up. There'll be a center island with oven, stove etc that whoever's cooking can move around if they want to be outside. Eventually I'll get some old, rustic wooden doors to cover some of the holes up. For now though, I'm happy.
    • Hi I'm hecumarine creator of the mod "Battle Realms Corruption of the Lotus" which you can download on moddb. The mod is still in progress and I struggle to change some things. The mod is on halt for half a year because I failed to find a solution to the problems I encountered. I will post them now, maybe some of you will know something. Here goes: - I replaced the entire Serpent Clan with the Lotus Clan. Everything works like a charm except the watchtower. Units fail to climb on it. I replaced Serpent watchtower model with Lotus watchtower model. Lotus units lack climbing animation and that's the problem, so instead they float around and are bugged to the max. Tower teleport ability would fix the problem but to do that I would have to change Clan(integer) in Data_Buildings from Serpent (number 3) to Lotus (number2). When I do that the ability works but I can't build a watchtower because the building icon isn't working. - brotherhood crypt is replace from metal shop. The building works but I can't spawn brothers (Lythis, Tausil, Sehk). - Zymeth ability to call storm works. The rain appears and the weather changes but he's not using thunder to kill enemies. It's just not there. I tried changing his innate ability but it doesn't do anything. I replaced Kenji to Zymeth. So Kenji uses Zymeth model and his abilities. This is some serious advanced modding stuff but anyone who has a clue is welcome to provide solutions. Thank you all.
    • He's right, you know...
      *slowly assembles Syringe Gun*
      A bit insolent, but right.   Jokes aside, yeah, it's been quite a trip through the years. But all in all, the old saying goes (and I'm old enough to know all about old sayings): You're only as old as you think you are.  I'm heading towards the 50 soon enough (Jebus fudge), and I only think about it when someone pokes me into the face with it. *shoots syringes at Dracco*  Hope you aced the exams!
    • Don't worry, you can still play games when you're old...

      Just look at Obvious here! 

    • Aye, the view isn't bad. But then again this place isn't the easiest to access. My Uncle has been there about a dozen times now, he still can't find the way there... I have to go get him at the closest area his GPS recognises. 
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