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  1. waw... thx a lot you're the best modder here yeahhh thx thx thx
  2. yeahh waw... I already play it wolf : no problem serpent : still crash >.< lotus : crash too... dragon : crash waiting for another update thx
  3. hello gregor... thx for the mod but... it crash always for 10 minutes play... can it be fixed? btw... can u raise the explosive and magic resistance of shale lord a bit like 20%? (since he is a shale anyway ) and increase all heroes hp for 250 and atk 10% more? except kenji OWTD,Zymeth orb, vetkin (they are already perfect) can the peasant produce more fast? cause it will take 5 hours to have 100 >.< you know... like make it 3x or 4x fast oh yeah... I wonder if werewolf,berserker,samurai,ronin can be increase in health about 200? can you make watchtower max 10? thanks and regards Daniel
  4. Hello I wonder.. if someone can make me this mod : (need it badly >.<) every heroes have their: health increased about 100 Dragon : Kenji One with the Dragon (5 Yang) (replace Garrin) Serpent : Kenji of the Serpent (4 Yin) (replace Budo) Lotus : Zymeth Orb (5 yin) Wolf Grayback (4 Yang) End game + resistence 25% Shale Lord his resistance up 50% unit cap 100 Thanks and regards Daniel Winoto
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