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  1. ^ those things (innate list & bg list) were on my list ( ¬_¬) but i haven't seen that list since i was active in this thread so idk and no i haven't mod'd in most than a year
  2. unfortunately we never foud the yin/yang infinite D: and i havent moded in almost a year xD
  3. I AM BACK D:| 4~6 months later but im back :þ so what happened ? whats new ? also i will act my BR.dat to the last'est version i have and the list maybe have few changes so i will not upload it ( i will act only if it has major changes)
  4. read my list , its like using an elevator instead of walking through 10 floors
  5. on the middle pages there are images wich tells you where are some of the hex's of each area you can change at your pleasure, and in the beginning there is, well pretty much every other hex' you can use i also tend to write hex => hexadecimal number , shorted
  6. people forgot about my ''READ MY LIST'' when i dont type it here
  7. to have the "speed" you need to put (and also replace some hex's) 3E|00|00|00|00|20|40 (not exactly all those 00's) after the innate ability, to do this in EVERY unit of the whole game...simply too much time :|
  8. maybe i can upload my monstrous mod (again) with the 'how to do X unit' (the one in my sig is outdated)(also the LIST is outdated) need to upload them, but im getting lazy at uploading (๏̯͡๏) . . also LOL at #999
  9. gregor we dont know until we try it i also havent tried it but im sure there is a way
  10. gregor instead of searching on the buildings try searching for the BG's hexes
  11. the fast training is easy , just have to get in every building hex and mod every training time from 0F~1E(15~30 sec) to 02 and should work
  12. i mean i know is doable but in the case of zymeth , the orb ver. cant be placed in the keep without get an error(for me) same with nightvol doing an exact copy of them would leave them in this condition D: i wanna know how to ''copy them wothout making them un-keep-able''
  13. i'm thinking of this.... is viable to make zymeth/orb putting all his stats in the normal zymeth ? so we get a free unit space (the space now occupied by the real zymeth /orb) and we can mod it so technically is a new unit and same with another unit ? (ex: budo)
  14. Hope you received my message!

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