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  1. not at all...kenji vs Grayback..useless cutting damage and useless Critical Strike..Grayback can kill Kenji without using BG Bravado i guess..but not the Hero
  2. Budo, Kazan, Soban..the Ninja Turtles hahaha Budo the punisher, Kazan the drunkhard, Soban the useless budo sucks...useless BG. Kazan sucks in terms of speed.helpfull in destroying enemy bulidings Soban ...crap 1. Budo =weakset/useless 2. Soban =stupid
  3. lol Sledgener w/ Shale Armor why??? while his opponents has no BG .crazy!!! a. 1.Dragon warrior can own Bandits Sledgener and Infested One. W/OUT BG 2.But Kabuki Wa. can own Dragon Wa. because of kabuki's magic damage. 3. Sledgeners 4. Desease One 5. Bandits the weakest b. 1.Balistaman is great in range combat. also in melee combat 2. Unclean One. i dont know why but i think because of its high def? but they suck in a melee combat 3. Sumo Cannoneers slower attack speed than of the Serpents Cannoneer but deals more damage. also weak in melee combat (because of their fatness, they bleed so fast xD) Desease One i'd say he's on the first bracket 4.Pitchlingers fire attack doesnt work or let say deals less damage against units ..
  4. 1st sledgeners 2nd chemist cause starburst rockets can only be use three times..lol u need to make a firework factory near your enemy base if you want to destroy those enemy buildings,..unlimited BG for Chemist
  5. impossible ..w/or w/out BG Otomo will win:>
  6. The Dragon Spirit i rarely use it ..but its really effective it almost kills those 1-2 tier units deals great damage to those 3rd tiers. its very effective against Werewolves i guess after that let some of your Samurais die on the clash to completely kill those who survived the blast from Dragon Spirit Samurai is the best warrior of the Dragon Clan..
  7. LOL..u can still attack after that Blinding blah blah blah of the Serpents WT...just control your units..attack the WT directly then u'll see the WT boooom... yeah i hate the WOLFS WT Slow.. LOTUS WT Lighting Strike deals massive AOE damage..3 strikes enough to kill a groupy DRAONS WT Stun..its awesome...thats it
  8. 1on1battle between spearman and berserker w/out bgs. its funny how the spearman deals lot of damage to berserker
  9. lol Grayback and Nightvol is difficult to defeat when ur playin a MODDED BR.. the hardest part is the betreyal of Otomo.. fuuu i really hate that part..i wasted 3 fuuucking days to figure out the right way to defeat that dumbass Otomo
  10. Help me guys..or tell me how to replace Zymeth w/ Zymeth one with the Orb, Kazan to Kenji One w/the Dragon or Kenji 1 and last is Vetkin to Kenji3 Serpent. Thanks whats the Code for AOE melee damage? is it possible to put/use two innate in a single unit?
  11. invisibility is pointless..LOL Monks are way better than Ninjas
  12. hey boss..can you edit this mod?its modded already well i just want you to add and change some things there:D here's the link.. http://www.mediafire.com/?xhkyzzyx32ri6w6 EDIT Archived files: > BattleRealms.dat file > MOD GUIDE.docx > REQUEST.docx
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