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  1. can i request for a mod? -dragon on keep- -change garrin to Kenji 1, otomo, kazan, teppo, arah, tao heroes train to keep: training cost will increase by 50% (not including yin and yang) -kenji 1 = kenji one with the dragon, inc. att and def 25% -tao =inc. mag.def and def by 15% -otomo = inc. att 10% and def 15% -kazan = inc. att 5% def 20% -teppo = inc. def 15% -arah = inc. att 5% and def 10% range 5% -serpent on keep- -change budo to kenji 1, young taro?, shinja, utarah, vetkin heroes...

  2. Marcelo Where can i DOWNLOAD BR WOTW 1.50ver give me a direct link thx i cant find it in google

  3. hey marcelo_20xx's, i know you're member of BRMOD team, it's awesome

    so, i would like some help here

    i want to increase kenji_dragon_3's health, ( i've alrealdy downloaded the last patch done by BRMOD Tema, by the way, TY TY TY fucking very much!!XD)

    so, i would like to increase, but i don't know how to use hex editor, so, could you gimme some tips...

  4. hi! can u help me golem... is it possible for any unit like berserker to teleport like koril of lotus? if u can do it, pls help me... thanx!

  5. can you give me a complete list of battle gear addresses and numbers?

  6. bye take care ^^

  7. can you teach me how to use hex editor

  8. btw, i posted it last may 10, 2009..

  9. Marcelo, could you pls comment on the Query i posted on the forum.... im sure your the best person to comment on that...ty in advans...

  10. Modding Battlereams.dat

    If you had trouble searching for the team color addresses, search for these strings instead: Team colors Team 1: Blue 000000000000003D0AD73EAE47613F000000003D0AD73EAE47613F Team 2: Green 0000000AD7233D48E13A3F9A99193EA470BD3E0AD7633F0AD7A33C Team 3: Orange 0000000000803FB81E053F000000000000803FB81E053F00000000 Team 4: Purple 000000CDCC0C3FCDCC4C3D713D4A3FCDCC0C3FCDCC4C3D713D4A3F Team 5: Red 0000000AD7633F0000000000000000AD7633F00000000000000000 Team 6: Pink 0000006666663FAE47613EF6281C3F6666663FAE47613EF6281C3F Team 7: Light Blue 000000AE47613E0000803FF6285C3FAE47613E0000803FF6285C3F Team 8: Yellow 0000001F856B3F0000803F000000001F856B3F0000803F00000000 And btw the only real use I gave to mod the teams color was to change the default colors of the Dragon and Serpent Teams in the Campaigns mode. I was sick to play with the orange and red ones.
  11. http://files.filefront.com/Battle+Realms+F...;/fileinfo.html Don't ask me what it does just find out by yourselves. Yours truly marcelo_20xx bye all Battle Realms community, it has been fun to wander here all this time. I will return to Zurvan....the sea of dreams.
  12. Modding Battlereams.dat

    He he now that's what I am talking, very nice Sanada000 keep going. To explain a bit more to the structure of team colors, originally the half of the bytes would be the minimap team color and the other half would be the team color units itself, but it doesnt work that way, whatever data I put on the bytes that correspond to the team units color seems to override the minimaps colors. I posted long ago the addresses for teams color, but since no one at that time gave a shit I never made a tutorial explaining how to change them, only posted that black kabuki pic. Today I am done with modding Battle Realms, hopefully by now you wont need me anymore. But before I leave I have a special gift for all you modders: http://forums.gamingterritory.com/index.php?showtopic=7404
  13. Modding Battlereams.dat

    You mean something like this?
  14. Modding Battlereams.dat

    Sadly is not possible, those buildings specific functions are hardcoded in the exe, along with the Watch Tower climb function, The Keep Heroes Buttons and so on, thats why there is not possible to train a unit lets say in the Watch Tower. There are specific building properties in the exe, I came across them a while ago but I didnt saved those findings on a memo or something and I forgot where they are now. You cant put 95 as a hex value thats why you are having weird errors, I didnt remember having troubles rising the damage for the units. If you want like a One-hit kill attack try putting a FE.
  15. Editor

    It isnt at all impossible I already know how to change the starting armys for both multiplayers and campaign maps, but to think of a editor that is a different thing. I never was able to find how to edit units spawning points or their waypoints, most of the information is coded in the map itself and some of the stuff in the script dlls but the worldeditor is far from being complete to let me play with this.