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  1. lorin you left br?

  2. Same old nekro why shouldnt i come back ?
  3. Hey guys i so miss u all if u remember me i didnt play this game for 2 years i hope cptheslayer and the LOT'S remember me ofc i would like to mention baxter ben and the guys i mised u all and also dragon-slayer hope to see ya all one day on BR lets bring life back to the game its just i need to instal the game again and train cuz i got a bit rusty So in truth prepare time to come back Ohh and Kasedo can i rejoin the clan ? ohh and cp i didnt forget about our games i really wanna see if u stil are as powerfull as before
  4. ur gone and gone and gone and gone and gone and gone come back someday noob

  5. Yay guys long time no see i actually cameback to this game i heard it was dead and i wanan bring life to it again like in da old days NOW 3 thing have been in my mind till now : 1.CPTHSLAYER we must have our matches again its not over 2.Time to teach that smartie pants epox whos boss 3.Baxter if u so all knowing come br and 1vs1 me BTW there is a number 4.I missed u ALL
  6. Yo bring your mommy 2 when i kik your asss again cuz u suck.I dont mean the way u play u suck cuz u dont admit taht u lost and that in reallity your just a little noob who cant handle the fact taht he sukcs at this game and makes stupid videos against Ai with modified names like a looser.PS come to br and bring all from forum to see how u loose u fake :angry:
  7. lol me? bad joke T.T xD

  8. Yeaa i kicked ass of all palyers got good and earned my own new reputation :D.But u are still better than me xD

  9. yea :P why u like me :D?

  10. Hey noob stop talkin shit i beated u 2 times dope come to br and ill slay u in front of everyone once again u noob :angry:
  11. yes thats confusing lol so u were scorpion?

  12. you are scorpion? or what?

  13. Scorpo is in it also this will be so fun i cant wait
  14. Yo why didnt u record the ones u fighted me the ones u lost badly
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