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I've just bought a server and started a clan. We are recruiting and we have a 64 slot server which will soon be changed to 16.

BSK : BloodShed King's - Welcome to our Kingdom.

If you want to submit an app to join you must 1st get 500 kills and regular playing time on a server for a week. You will get accepted if 60% of the votes are positive for you.

We recruit for skill, contribution, loyalty, mastery.

Skill - Must be good, Kill Death Ratio 2.0 or above, we all have our bad days of course.

Contribution - Donating money or buying admin from the server every month.

Loyalty - Self explanatory, dont backastab and leave us for a small problem.

Master - Mastery in something, Sites, Servers, GFX.

[bSK:A] x l)sinKâ„¢ x DoVi

Since we havent set up a site yet we might be changing our name while we still can.

Please vote for whichever one out of these 2 names you like better.

So far 2 votes BSK 3 votes KBD

BloodShed King's


Killers by Design

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Not really relating to the topic, but do you know where I can download traditional Counter Strike with HF?

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Ask 1nsane, I bought the game since its my favorite.

He should know where to get the cracked version from.

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