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Wolf Clan. Strong Or Not?

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pros and cons of wolf clan? in your own opinions. is it strong or not? why is it weak? why is it strong? how strong?

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some pros:

-comparing to units of the other clans, Wolf ones are the toughest

-all units can fully regenerate, and most of them have good healing rate

-most of them do high damage comparing to those of the other clans

-Wolf units are the second swiftest (Only Serpent units beats them in swiftness)

some cons:

-costs more resources than the rest in term of building and training

-Wolf buildings need more area than other clans' counterparts.

-its battle gears lacks of diversity and complexity. few of the battle gears are good enough. and those good ones tend to belong to weak units.

-lacks of diversity in types of attack. many units have the same type of attack (e.g. mauler-sledger-packmaster-Shale lord do melee blunt; brawler-berserker-digger-Gaihla-Wildeye(yes) do melee cutting)

-lacks of decent magic units.

-additional units suck (e.g. pack master, digger, wolf)

-Wolf's techniques suck comparing to other clan's

strong or weak?

-IMO, its depends on the player's strategy and skill. But I can say that it consumes a lot of your skills in order to be on par with skilled Dragon/Serpent/Lotus players.

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Wolf Clan :

-High HP-regen, Herbalist, learn dat 1st !

-Peasant, U can make them Fighting Crew !

-Well, the most important building U should have, only require Peasant Hut, make easier to collecting water, watering rice, and well can't get burn, U can protect Ur oder building with Well,

-BG, U only need Shale Armor, and some oder thing,

-Berserker, best with Shale Armor, High Magic Resist, injured ? Just make dem stop for a moment (shortcut O), amazing HP/stamina regen,

-Pitch Slinger, d'best to destroying building ? Burn it ! (faster burn dan Serpent Raider), coz d'enemy peasant need to watering 1st be4 dey can repair it, if U aware, dey do much damage to Heroes, U can hear burned skin sound when PS battling with melee Heroes,

-Ballistaman, King of the Mountain ! Best with higher stand especially with Watchtower,

-Druidess, can "stun" enemy unit,

-Heroine Gaihla, around rice field, increase rice growth,

So, a lot of Berserker, some PS, Druidess, 1Ballistaman w/ Totem, Heroine Gaihla, rule d'battlefield,

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