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Land Of Battle Realms

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File Name: Land Of Battle Realms
File Submitter: Rogue
File Submitted: 22 Jun 2008
File Category: Maps

This is my biggest map.Its a 8 player map best for 2vs2vs2vs2 but it can be played in the other known ways.
The bases of the clans are like so: in the upper side of the map is the wolf clan base, in the lower side of the map is the serpent clan base, in the lower left side of the map is the dragon clan base, in the right side of the map (the dark side of the map smile.gif) is the lotus clan base. It will be great if every clan spawn in the proper base but that is big luck though. But the map is perfect i think for team matches.Btw in the lower right side of the map is the dragon spire there you can establish a small base if something happens and you lose your main base (but you need to be serpent or lotus) there are 2 more spots for establishing a small base.The world is big (i think) and there are enough horses in the map and a lot of cool choke points. there are no bugs at least i didnt find no.If someone find bugs let me know to remove them.Only the land looks a bit like the one of the kenji journey but its a lot different. There are a lot and good strategies that can be used for defence at every base. Well thats all, i may still edit something in the map, so if you like it expect updates in some time.
[WOTW game ONLY]

Click here to download this file Edited by Gregor8356

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