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Hello, I have a problem with my minimap. It doesn't show units, terrain or anything.


Normally i would say that it has something to do with my graphic drivers, but this one is not black, or blank.


It has planked background if you play as serpent, nice white gradient if you play as dragon, rock if you play as wolf and so on...


Is it because i use the downloaded version? Should i install it from my CD?

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Exactly try to reinstall maybe some files are corrupt

but when you download and instal was the same problem ?

if yes use CD version

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What you described is the same as blank minimap.

It's a conflict between the game and your videocard. Assuming you have nVIDIA, go to its control panel, 3D settings tab, set antialising to 8x (or less, experiment with it) and set it to "override application". This should fix it.

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