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Installing Game Then Run Got Error Pop Ups Please Help


After Installing this game or it's winter expansion pack, i receive different types of pop ups.


- battle realms installed>run.exe(shortcut of game)>please insert cd to drive (ok so i go copy and paste the no cd crack to folder so this should work =D>cannot load h2o model. -nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

- battle realms winter expansion installed>run.exe(shortcut of game)>please insert no cd to drive (ok so i go copy and paste the cd crack to folder so this should work =D>cannot load display mode.

This is exactly what error pop ups i get after trying to run the game. Can someone help me with this problem i been searching on google for helps and tips but no one has an answer.. or at least the answers ends up being some mods >.> , can someone really help me with this please and thank yous <:)

PS: While searching up on google for helps - questions that were related to this issue where questioned like 7months - couple years back sad.gif

Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong section for posting, im new to this community. I also was unable to find the help thread o.o

Edit: 2 ok i found the right spot :D

Here are the specs of my dell laptop inspiron 9400:

-System model MP061

-2Gb ram


-Genuine IntelĀ® CPU

-Dual core processor

-Built in graphics' card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800

-Current Display Mode 1920 x 1200(32bit) (60Hz)

-DirectX 9c

Edit: Oh btw does it matter if im using SP 2 or 3? I had SP 3 before but i uninstalled it for 2 since some of the games i was playing couldnt be played with SP 3. SP is Service Pack Windows Microsoft.

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