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3 vs 3


1 team has to besiege the old stronghold of the serpent clan. If the poison of the interwined vipers will be enough to paralyze their invaders?


Layout based on the original Serpent Holm from Kenji's Journey. It works pretty well as a teamgame 3 vs 3. Don't forget to X nearby friends. It works in free-for-all as well, but it's a bit unbalanced.

I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions.

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


less ai units gets stuck

reworked serpentholm

more building space for the player near the swamp

other small improvements

Date Verified Working On Latest Battle Realms Version

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Incredible. You are certainly the most talented Battle Realms mapper, the way you decorate the maps by positioning objects the way you do is great. The caves, shrines and random details are what I think is missing from a lot of stock and custom maps, they really add the spiritual aspect of the game. Hope to see more from you if you find the time!


Also, I notice from your screenshots you do not use the increased FOV mod? The maps you make are so detailed that when played in combination with the increased FOV the game as a whole looks amazing. The HD models unlocker mod I would recommend as well.

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I appreciate your feedback. It is always heartwarming to hear those words. I will continue to make new maps and improve the existing ones. 

I will test out those mods, thanks for the tip!

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Thank you for your feedback!

This map is made for teamgames 3 vs 3. So the balancing is more an act of balancing the teams than balancing each individual position. The Serpent Holm position for example is smaller, with not much rice. The position near the swamp got a weaker position, but with lots of rice. Those 2 players are always in the same team like the 2 players around the northern bridge (always x nearby friends).

The Ai is a bit weak on some positions, especially the 2 you mentioned. But for real players it is fine. If you ever play this map with friends in 3vs3 i would like to know if those things work or if you still not satisfied with the balancing.

I will also keep an eye on this bridge...

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