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  1. PCs Headshoot


    Good idea and design, but keep in mind: - those maps don't really work with AI - the walking distance for the peasents gathering rice is very long, so if one player get control over the swamps its hard to comeback for the others. For some people thats ok, for some its annoying.
  2. Hey Guys, here a list of Battle Realms maps im working on from time to time. Some of them progressing faster, some slower, depending on the map size. There is no release in the next few weeks, but you can see there will be new maps in the future for you. If you don't care about the future check out my already finished maps at the bottom of the list and the other great maps at the download section as well.

    upcoming new maps (no released files yet)

    • Caves                         (8 players / giant size) :       progress : 40%
    • Feengrotten              (4 players / medium size) :  progress : 50%
    • Steps of the Gods    (2 players / medium size) :  progress : 40%
    • Spring of Life            (5 players / large size) :        progress : 20%

    upcoming updates

    • Broken Friendship     (2 players / large size) :       progress : 90%

    (nearly) finished maps

    • Darwinism                   (2 players / medium size) 
    • Ancient Cemetery      (2 players / small size)
    • Thuringian Abbey       (4 players / medium size)
    • Smugglers Hideout    (2 players / tiny size)
    • Frozen Souls               (6 players / small size)
  3. PCs Headshoot


    Im sorry, but this is the wrong place for this propaganda. Iran NEVER attacked a nation in its history. Israel owns weapons of mass destruction, too, like the most states in this area. Please read something about the iranian history and the religious conflicts between the different flows of the islam.
  4. How can I get approvals for uploaded maps when Mana is offline? There are other authorized users to contact?

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      I realised that after looking into it. ;)

      All good. As said, i didn't know, and assumed wrongly.

    3. Gregor8356


      ,looks like only Switch Gravity maps are aproved hm...


    4. Gregor8356


      its, good he made an updete of existing map ok

  5. PCs Headshoot

    Serp's Ye Ol' Land

    To all the people who try to work with the worldmaster: Download this file, play the map and check it out in the worldmaster for a long time. I learned very much about scaling objects, create ruins, use water effects or coloring. Take your time, change little things and look how the game reacts to it (or create lots of bugs). And the best: If you don't want to build maps on your own, just play this map: because it works very well and I enjoyed it a lot. The bases are nice to defend, but not overpowered. The most horses are in the center of the map, rice and water are nearly equal. Because the original picture is broken, here are some impressions.
  6. ...overworked lot's of my older maps...

    ...they will be uploaded when i finished them...

    ...still working on some new maps, but they need much more time...

    ...please stay tuned & check out the other good maps here in the forums...

    ...make Battle Realms great again!...

  7. PCs Headshoot

    Tropical Rain Forest

    Thank you for this map. Without further ado here is my review: + Really nice map contept that works in battles with other players or ai. + Enough building area, even for the ai + Centre always on fire, the battle brings much fun - There are horses in the map centre and also in some players base areas, but some don't have there own horse population. - Some trees are under water - It could be more detailed, with some objects and stuff like that - Some SFX are too loud (the wind-FX in the bases could be annoying) If you don't play in teams there are differences with the balancing, some positions are much better then others, but all positions are playable. The map could be improved here and there, but it's a good start. Keep up the good work. Best Regards, Headshoot
  8. PCs Headshoot

    Ice Shelf

    Dear SwichGravity, thank you for making this map! Here are my thoughts about it: + the concept is nice + the over-all design looks good + the map is playable for all clans (building space) - SFX are too loud (you can try to choose a volume between 30 and 70 for each sound) - the mountains in the north looks well, so it would be cool if the players could pass, fight or build a base there. thats only a quick example, but i think you understand what i mean. I hope i could help you a little bit. If you have questions feel free to contact me =) Best regards Headshoot
  9. PCs Headshoot

    Mapping Guide.pdf

  10. PCs Headshoot

    Frozen Field

  11. PCs Headshoot

    Passing a Village

  12. PCs Headshoot


  13. PCs Headshoot

    Land Of Battle Realms

    Dear FIRE4, first of all, thank you for uploading this map, i learned very much about editing and maping by exploring all the sights and different areas. + the balancing (in teams) is good for an asymmetric map like this. + the landscape is pretty, well made and varied. + even if you never played the map the visual feedback of passability is good. That means you can see the paths and cliffs quite good. I think there is nothing more to say that is new for you. This is BR mapping on a very high level, even much better than the standard maps in the game. Best Regards Headshoot
  14. PCs Headshoot

    Calm River

  15. PCs Headshoot